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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Vintage Cheese Cloche - J.Maddock & Sons

Lovely cheese dish with bright floral designs on both the lid and dish. Very few marks apart from a few paint spatters and some smudges along the bottom edges. Dates from the last 20 years of production up to 1981
20cm x 15cm x 12cm

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Small Beige Oak Leaf Milk or Cream Jug - Wood and Sons

Small milk or cream jug in the orange/beige Oak Leaf pattern by Wood & Sons. Contemporary pattern but the company, one of the more well known of the Potteries' companies, died a decade ago now so these are becoming rarer. In excellent condition.

9cm x 11.5cm (across handle)

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Large Yellow and Ochre Jug - Govancroft Stoneware - Retro Scottish

1950's (possibly earlier) era large jug by Govancroft Stoneware of Glasgow. It is yellow and ochre with a ribbed base and art deco inspired handle. Very utilitarian but nicely retro. Unfortunately it has had a run in with some paint and there are a few spatters here and there, mainly inside. Otherwise it appears to be fine.

16.5cm x 15cm

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Vintage County Pin Tray - Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire - Britannia Designs


Collectable pin tray by Brittania Designs from their counties range and featuring mainly Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire but also part of  Bedfordshire. In excellent condition although faintly crazed. 

11cm diameter

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Vintage Art Deco Sefton Pattern Basket Fruit Bowl - Arthur Wood


Large fruit bowl in a basket shape with beautiful handpainted floral pattern by Arthur Wood. The bowl is the "Sefton" shape and dates from the mid 1930s.It is adorned with pink, purple and yellow flowers with silver edging and lining over the handle. Although it is finely crazed, the crazing hasn't become ingrained with dust and grime (although there are a few paint spots here and there, easily removed) and the decoration is still gorgeously vibrant. It would make a fantastic centrepiece.

25cm x 17cm x 19cm (w)

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Vintage 1970s "Red Pebbles" Muramic Scatter Dish - Hornsea


A single John Clappison designed Muramic scatter dish in the "Red Pebbles" pattern; the pebbles being red and orange vitreous inset discs (if anything says 70s more than red, orange and brown, let me know). It has previously been used as a plant pot holder and apart from needing a deep clean to scour out the grooves around the pebbles and to remove the calcium deposits from the hard water (vinegar soak and a wooden edge) it's in very good condition. 
12.5cm x 3cm

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Vintage Small Olive Green Maple Leaf Planter - Mould No 4205 - SylvaC

Small planter in olive green/ochre with relief maple leaf pattern by SylvaC. The mould number is 4205 and the backstamp would appear to be the 1940s-50s version. It had been used extensively and I have tidied it up quite a bit although there is some calcium residue on the inside. I may be able to remove this but my apologies if for whatevver reason, I am unable to. In all other respects it's in excellent condition.
16cm x 8cm x 12cm 

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Cobalt Blue Porcelain Ashtray With Fragonard Design - Limoges

Stylish Limoges porcelain ashtray in typical cobalt blue with obligatory courting couple design after Fragonard at the centre in gold. In nigh on perfect condition bar some barely noticeable wear to the gilding on the rests.
14.5cm x 5cm

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Vintage Bar Water Jug - Grant's Scotch - Wade Regicor

Cobalt blue bar jug by Wade Regicor advertising Grant's Scoth Whisky. The logos are in gold and there are hand painted gold lines around the rim and down the handle. The backstamp could be either one of two dating the jug to any time between 1950 and 1966 but I can't quite tell which one!  It is in very good condition indeed with only minimal age related wear.

16cm x 15cm (h)

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Vintage Brown Owl Eye Mug - Holkham Pottery

Iconic "owl eye" mug from Holkham Hall Pottery. The pottery closed in 2007 after 56 years and this looks to be a later model. There are a couple of small chips to the glazeon the rim; one on the underside, the smaller on the top but they are not too noticeable and will not interfere with use.

10.5cm x 9cm

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Vintage Brown Glazed Stoneware Jug - 'B'

Large heavy brown stoneware jug with a dark brown mildly honeycombed glaze. It does have a mark, a 'B' inside a rounded rectangle although the only potter I can find with a similar mark is the late Paul Barron and his work was a little different in style. In very good condition with only a few firing marks.

12cm x 14cm 

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Vintage Owl Moneybox - Tremar Cornwall


Vintage stoneware money box in the shape of an owl by Tremar in the shape of an owl. Getting on for around 30 years old now, Tremar is becoming ever more rare andincreasingly collectable. This is in excellent condition and still has the original bung.

44cm x 8.5cm

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Small Wooden Globe Ornament


Very nice ornamental wooden globe. Beautifully finished, the globe spins on its axis. It's plain, so not a map, and in any case it has a couple of large natural holes in it that would make it a little useless as a reference tool. Lovely looking thing though, in great condition and will polish beautifully.

Material: Wood.

23cm x 8cm

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tall Square Sectioned Hand Carved Hand Carved Wooden Lidded Box


Tall sheesham wood box, handcarved in typical Indian style with a floral design on all four panels and the lid. Someone at some time has fitted a knob to the lid, a shame because it's not matching and a tiny bit off-centre, which nags my OCD side but otherwise it's in very good condition. Will hold something up to just under 16cm in length

6.5cm x 7cm x 19cm

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Vintage Small Art Pottery Vase - Candy Ware - Collectable


Splendid short trumpt necked Candy Ware vase by Candy & Co, tile manufacturers of Newton Abbot. Produced as a kiln filler for around 30 years until the early 1950s and originally marketed as "Wescontree Ware", Candy Ware is highly collectable and this is an excellent example, in almost perfect condition, with just a few marks to the base.

10cm (h) x 9cm

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Vintage Grey Lustre Classic Bowl - SylvaC Mould No 631


Grey lustre three-footed bowl or planter by SylvaC in a fluted classical style. It sits on its own plinth and has the mould no 631 on the base as well as an original label that dates it to the 1960s/70s. 

12.5cm x 17cm

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Vintage Japanese Inspired Cane Handled Tea or Coffee Pot - Tremar Cornwall

Vintage stoneware teapot with Japanese inspired cane handle by Tremar of Cornwall. Getting on for around 30 years old now, Tremar is becoming ever more rare and increasingly collectable. This is in excellent condition

26cm x 17cm

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Vintage Olive Green Cypher Cup, Serif Shape - Portmeirion - Retro 1960s

Vintage olive green "Serif" shaped cup in the "Cypher" pattern designed by Susan Williams-Ellis. In excellent condition with only some light razing.

8.5cm x 9.5cm (incl handle)

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Large and Heavy Wooden Vase or Planter


Large wooden vase or planter, hand turned by I would imagine a hobbyist, despite the old label on the base (the address no longer exists, the site is now occupied by a health centre). The bowl is impressively heavy as in fact it's almost solid, the inside having only been hollowed out by the width of the internal neck diameter (approx 6.5cm and 9cm deep, as opposed to the 13cm total height. The neck is well turned and fairly smooth, the body rather less so although the shape is pleasing to the eye. There are a couple of cracks on one side but they don't appear too serious although one does extend a couple of inches into the body. In some respects it is unfinished and would I think suit another hobbyist or turner as there is plenty of wood left to work. I'm not sure of the timber - possibly oak.

13cm x 17cm (d)

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Small Swedish Pottery Posy Vase - Y166VA - Bo Fajans Gefle

Small posy vase by the Swedish artware pottery, Bo Fajans of Gefle. Green glazes with handpainted leaves. Impressed mark to the base,the backstamp dating to between 1924 and 1967 but I suspect this to be towards the latter end of that range. It also has a decorator's or pattern mark, Y166VA, on the base.

7.5cm x 6cm

Vintage Turquoise Two Handled Vase AP 121 - Anglia Pottery

These bright turquoise ornaments are so distinctlive it is amazing that so little is known about Anglia Pottery of Billinghay in Lincolnshire that even locals in the village itself are surprised it ever existed. But it did and it produced these wonderfully collectable items. This is a small but slender two-handled vase with the number AP 121 on the base and it's in excellent condition.  

19cm x 7cm

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Wooden Plaque of Pelvis and Hips - Orthopaedic Surgery Novelty!

Intriguing wooden plaque or free standing display of the pelvic area. It has a lovely home-made quality to it and I believe it was once the property of an orthopaedic surgeon - it may even have been made by him. The pigin Latin inscription would appear to be Letrasetso could be removed with care.  It is not drilled for hanging but it will certainly stand on a shelf as it's quite substantial. Great novelty for the orthapaedic consultant in your life.
29cm x 27cm  x 4.5cm

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Vintage Large Black Window Vase - 93A - Dartmouth Pottery

Superb wide black window vase by Dartmouth Pottery. Dating from between the late 1950s and the pottery's closure in 2002 this is shape number 93A. It has some mild staining through wear on the inside but externally it's excellent. Magnificent piece.

35cm x 12cm x 19cm

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Small Cube Vase Marked NP - North Devon

Small cubic vase with trumpet neck. It's in red clay with a floral design on each face. Quite heavy, stamped on the base "North Devon" and "NP". I have also seen the NP as a monogram but am none the wiser as to the potter - any help gratefully received! In excellent condition.

8cm x 12cm
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Studio Pottery Stoneware Planter - Stapleton House


Mid-sized stoneware planter by Stapleton House with applied relief decoration of a bee and some flowers. it will take a pot of 9cm base x 12cm at the top by approx 12cm depth. In excellent condition.
13cm (H) x 14.5cm
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Large Blue Pitcher - Emile Henry - France


Large blue jug or pitcher by Emile Henry of France. It is not a recent design, the logo has changed slightly and I believe thay now use an embossed "badge" on the body many of their wares instead of a backstamp, but it is in excellent condition.
Measurements are approximate: 19cm x 18cm across handle

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Vintage Owl Eye Mug with Leaf Design - Holkham Pottery


I have attributed this to Holkham Pottery even though it is unmarked because as far as I know they produced this shape more than anyone else - if anyone else produced it at all. I do have a definite Holkham version and it is a little smaller but in all other respects apart from the picture and absence of a backstamp it's identical. Caramel coloured glaze with what could be either stamped or handpainted branch and leaf design. In excellent condition.
11cm x 10cm (d)

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Studio Pottery Mug with Butterfly - WC

Beautiful yellow earthenware mug with a large butterfly motif and spotted rim. It is imoressed WC in a circle on the base but I am unable to identify thi mark.It's in excellent condition. 

10cm x 11cm(d)

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Vintage Turquoise Blue Fawn - Baby Deer - Anglia Pottery


These bright turquoise ornaments are so distinctlive it is amazing that so little is known about Anglia Pottery of Billinghay in Lincolnshire that even locals in the village itself are surprised it ever existed. But it did and it produced these wonderfully collectable items. This is a fawn with the number AP 156 on the base and it's in excellent condition. 

15cm x 11cm
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Vintage Car Pin Tray - Bullnose Morris - Britannia Designs

Collectable pin tray by Britania Designs featuring a Bullnose Morris car. It's in very good condition with only a little bit of wear to the gilding

11cm diameter

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Vintage Brown Honeycomb Glaze Gravy Boat and Saucer - Kernewek

Lovely vintage brown honeycomb glaze gravy boat and saucer. it is unmarked but I am 99.9% certain it is by Kernewek Pottery of Goonhavern, Cornwal as I have seen similar with the pottery stamp. It is in fine condition bar a pin head sized flea bite to the rim about 4cm from the tip of the spout.  

18cm(spout to handle) x 10cm x 10cm
Saucer: 14.5cm x 19.5cm

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Vintage Large French "Mushroom" Terrine - Pillivuyt


Very nice but quite large and heavy green and brown vessel and plate by Pillivuyt of France. I'm not sure of its purpose; it could be a storage jar or large terrine, although there was a smaller version made which was more suitable for that. It has a pair of mushrooms as a finial/handle on the lid and the edges are crimped diagonally. It's heavy enough to be stoneware but the clay is white and fine so probably porcelain. There is a small surface chip on the edge of the plate but otherwise it's in excellent condition.
20cm x 16cm(h)

Jar diameter: 12cm

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Studio Pottery Mug - Colin Pearson?

Very distinctive studio pottery stoneware mug. Slender, dark green glaze, with a small handle at the base. It does have a mark although it is not altogether clear but it does look a lot like that of the renowned, although now sadly late, Colin Pearson and there are some similarities with his early table ware. If it is, this would date it to pre-1971. There is a small chip to the glaze near the top handle join that looks to be related to something in the glaze as it's a little uneven just there but it's still a fine mug though and a chance to own something by one of our most revered potters.  

13cm x 10cm
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Monday, 16 February 2015

Studio Pottery Stoneware Storage Jar - Muchelney Pottery


A lot of interest in this one already - A splendid stoneware storage jar by John Leach's Muchelney Pottery on the Somerset Levels. It's not their current toasted finish, rather a speckled creamy wash but the shape is the same, down to the distinctive score line around the centre. Needless to say, it's in excellent condition.

10cm x 13cm
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Vintage W.H. Goss Crested Vase - Llandudno

Vintage crested ware vase by WH Goss bearing the arms of Llandudno. The crest is very bright but the gilding around the rim is worn, as is often the case. There is a tiny chip on the rim and a small graze on the opposite side to the crest. 

8.5cm x 6cm
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Vintage Invalid Feeding Cup - Collectable

Vintage invalid feeder cup or pap boat. Right handed, plain white earthenware with "Made in England" stamp on the baseand long spout .
15cm x 8cm

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Small Ceramic Sleeping Ginger Cat Ornament

Small hollow ware ceramic sleeping ginger cat. It looks to be continental - it has a mark n"IMG 97" on the base,the 7 being a continental style. In excellent condition.
17cm x 12cm

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Vintage Small Stoneware Planter - Vitry Ware

Small planter with three embossed lines of dots. It bears the Vitry Ware stamp on the base although this is no guarantee of vintage. It has a few smudges and marks but no chips or cracks.

16.5cm x 8cm
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Vintage Buff Coloured Posy Ring - Gray's Pottery

Very nice buff coloured posy ring by Gray's Pottery,dating probably from the 1930s according to the style of backstamp. Some age related marks and smudges, many of which may come off with a bit of work but no cracks or chips. Nice period piece. 

16cm x 3cm

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Vintage Three Tiered Cake Stand - Boxed - Colcough China


Superb vintage three tier bone china cake stand by Colclough China. The pattern is Red & Blush Rose and dates from the 1950s. It has never been used and all the parts, including brass effect metal spindle and handle,felt washers and original padded paper, are all present in the original bag and box. The stand is in excellent condition although there may be one or two small marks from 60 odd years of storage. The box is torn and a bit worn. 

Box: 26.5cm x 26.5cm x 5cm 

PLEASE NOTE: I have not built the stand up so cannot  give a full size

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Vintage Mr Symcox Posy Basket 900/2 - Beswick

Mr Symcox designed posy basket in off-white, pattern number 900, size 2. The design dates from 1940 but the backstamp is post 1954. It is crazed but not stained and in all other respects in fine collection. 

13.5cm x 15.5cm (h) x 9cm

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Vintage Stoneware Vase - Bourne Denby


Small stoneware vase,very dark brown, almost black in colour. Not sure of the design but it bears a pre-1960 mark on the base. In very good condition apart from a pinhole sized chip to the lip and a couple of small glazing bubbles.

6.5cm x 11.5cm 
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Friday, 13 February 2015

The Big Book of Sports - 1956

Bit of a mystery this but interesting nonetheless. It's the "Big Book of Sports", a 78 page annual published in 1956, somewhere between the Olympic equestrian events held in Sweden that year and the main event in Melbourne later in the year. It covers a wide range of sports and has a mixture of black and white and those spooky coloured black and white prints. Odd, especially as some of the prints are quite familiar in their original form. In pretty good condition with only minimal wear although the dust cover is a bit torn and stained. 
78pp Unclipped

21m x 28cm
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Stoneware Studio Pottery Sugar Bowl or Preserve Pot


Very nice stoneware sugar bowl or jam/preserve pot in a dark green/khaki glaze and slotted lid. It is marked on the base but I have been unable to trace the potter. It doesn't look to have been used although the glaze is crazed on the inside.

9cm x 9cm
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