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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blue and White Ceramic Polka Dot Rabbit


Very sweet miniature porcelain rabbit in blue and white polka dot design. There are no markings so age is unknown as well as manufacturer. It's in excellent condition though.

7cm x 5cm x 5cm

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Empty Miniature Bulb & Cannon Liqueur Bottle - Drioli

A handpainted miniature collectable liqueur bottle by Drioli in one of the "bulb & cannon" shapes. It's painted two-tone blue with gold detailing.
Weight with packaging: approx 250g
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Antique Stoneware Bottle

Antique mid sized heavy stoneware bottle. Grey colour, unmarked but in good condition.

14.5cm x 7cm

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

The History of Keele ed. Christopher Harrison

A collection of essays charting the history of the village of Keele in Staffordshire written by past and contemporary members of the staff of the University of Keele and published by the University in 1986. Interesting to the locals of this part of Staffordshire and Cheshire as well as current and past students.

25.5 x 17.8cm 

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John Putnam Heritage House 17th C Cottage with Dovecote


Miniature model from John Putnam's Heritage House collection. This one is the 17th Century Cottage with Dovecote from Herefordshire. Sadly, John Putnam has recently passed away so these are now even more collectable.This is in excellent condition.

11cm x 10cm x 6cm

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Vintage Bone China Sugar Bowl - H/116 - Adderley

Gold rimmed glossy green bone china sugar bowl. White interior, gilded edge with very small scallops, another gold line below the edge and on the footring. There is a number written on the base, which could be H/116 or 4/116. The backstamp dates from post 1947, the date of this I think around the early 1950s. There are a small number of minor marks on the outside glaze and there are a couple of worn spots on the gilding but it is still a very nice looking bowl.

11cm x 6cm (h)

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Vintage Invalid Cup - Collectable


Vintage invalid feeder cup or pap boat. Plain white earthenware with "Made in England" stamp on the base.
13cm x 6cm

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Vintage Tartan Series Miniature Jug or Mug - Mackenzie - Crown Devon Fieldings

Miniature jug or mug (no spout) in from the Tartan Series by Crown Devon Fieldings. It is cream coloured with gold edging and sports the Mackenzie tartan and is  marked on the base with the standard Crown Devon stamp and impressed with "902".  No major marks and  overall it's in excellent condition

8cm x 7cm

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Vintage Tall Slender Mug - Wade Ireland

Tall slender mug by Wade, Ireland. Quite heavy with typical khaki glaze with blue tinges (the line of blue around the base almost glows). The backstamp I think dates it to the 1950s but I always advise caution when attributing dates. It's in splendid condition. 

15.5cm x 11cm (incl handle)

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Vintage Large Monochrome Blue Tankard 156/20/M3 - Buchan Stoneware


Very large, and quite wonderful, monochrome blue tankard, in the 156 shape. Very difficult to age. The shape was probably in use in the 1940s although this particular item could be earlier or later. It is though in splendid condition.
13.5cm x 13.5cm
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Empty Miniature Curacao Liqueur Bottle - 35 - Drioli

A handpainted miniature collectable liqueur bottle by Drioli. It has a gold handle and detailing with a handpainted floral design. The original foil label for Curacao is still affixed and the base is stamped with 35. Please note, bottle is empty.

Weight with packaging: approx 250g
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Vintage Bone China Milk Jug - 7/445 - Adderley

Nice pale green bone china milk jug. Gloss white inside with pink rose motif by the spout. The handle and rim and footring are gilded. There is a number written on the base, 7/445. The backstamp dates from post 1947, the date of this I think around the early 1950s. The green glaze is slightly dulled and matt, which is probably not intentional and looks as though it's been through a dishwasher. There are also a couple of lighter marks around the shoulders. Some of the gilding is also a little worn and there is a green smudge on the rose, suggesting perhaps that this is a second. It's still presentable and ideal if you run a retro tea room.

8cm x 12.5cm

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Keele: The First Fifty Years - J.M Kolbert


An insider's portrait of the first 50 years of Keele University in Staffordshire, the country's first post war red-brick university. Very comprehensive, well illustrated and interesting to any alumnus or current student or historian. The covers are a little worn but the spine is excellent and pages are very good with only a little slight bending to a few bottom front page corners (will probably press out in storage).  
24.8cm x 16.8cm

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Vintage Green Jug - Govancroft Stoneware, Glasgow

1950's (possibly earlier) era small milk jug by Govancroft Stoneware of Glasgow. Very utilitarian but nicely retro. There's a small graze to the glaze on the handle but otherwise it's in very good condition,.

11.5cm x 10.5cm

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Vintage Handpainted Cup, Saucer & Side Plate Trio - Carrigaline Pottery, Ireland


Lovely speckled beige trio with handpainted brown band around the rims of the flatware and the base of the cup. It's by the Carrigaline Pottery of Cork and is in excellent condition considering the pottery closed in 1979.

Mug: 8.5cm x 10.5cm (d)
Saucer: 14.5cm
Plate: 17.5cm

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Vintage Cottage Shaped Trinket Box - Charmouth Pottery


Charming oatmeal coloured small trinket box in the shape of a cottage with a thatched roof as the lid. It's by Mike Hendrick's Charmouth Pottery, which flourished between 1967 & 1993, the cottages being produced more probably towards the latter end of that period. They are now quite sought after. It's in excellent condition
10cm x 8cm x 5cm
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Vintage German Stoneware Wine Jug - Simon Peter Gerz

Grey 0.5 litre stoneware jug by Simon Peter Gerz GMBH featuring a relief of two young children carrying a large bunch of grapes with detailing picked out in cobalt blue. The motto across it reads "Trinkt wie eure Väter aus Stein den Wein" which translates roughly as "Drink as your fathers, wine from the stone" although a we don't have a suitable English word meaning stone(ware) to rhyme with wine. Stein is actually short for stoneware and does not, as is erroneously thought, mean a drinking vessel. It is marked on the base with the Gerz mark as used during the partition years. It is in excellent condition.

16cm (h) x 13cm diameter across handle

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Vintage Large Hand Painted Vase - Jersey Pottery


Large wide-necked handpainted vase  by Jersey Pottery.  Very typical Jersey style, floral with berries. It's in excellent condition.

12.5cm x 13cm (d)
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Monday, 24 November 2014

Vintage Tubelined Slipware Plate - Alsager Pottery


Handmade earthenware decorative plate, dated 1989, in blue glaze with decorated with tubelined dots and lines. Made by Alsager Pottery in Cheshire, it's in excellent condition.

24.5cm diameter x 3cm

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Vintage Taunton Vale Rolling Pin


Ceramic rolling pin by Taunton Vale in the herbs pattern. Large handles on each end with original bungs. Never worked that out - for storage or to make it heavier? Or fill with iced water to cool the pastry down? Anyway, it's in excellent condition.

Measurements: 29cm x 6cm. Barrel: 23cm

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Small 1970s Lotus Blossom Preserve Dish - Royal Worcester Palissy

Small preserve dish in the Lotus Blossom pattern (I think - pattern is the same, colours not quite as pink) by Royal Worcester Palissy. 1970s vintage, in excellent condition.

12.5cm across

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Vintage Novelty Face Celery Storage Jar - Trent Walk Pottery


Novelty double face celery jar by Trent Walk Pottery. It's green with a face on both sides. Trent Walk Pottery operated between 1955 and 1959 so this can be dated quite accurately. Some light crazing but  generally very goodcondition.

15cm x 13cm
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Set of Three Hand Painted Hanging Plates

A set of three small attractive hand painted dishes, all slightly different colourways but all three featuring distinct floral designs. All three are drilled for hanging and are in excellent condition.

10.8cm x 2cm

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Small Hand Made Candle Holder - Fursbreck Pottery, Orkney


Small green glazed studio pottery candle holder by Fursbreack Pottery of Orkney. Assymetrical handle is decorated with relief cricle patter which is repeated on the sleeve for the candle. This, by the way, will take a candle of around 1.5cm. Stamped to the base, in excellent condition.
11cm x 9.5cm

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

1 Pint Hammered Effect Tankard - English Pewter


Large (1 pint) tankard with hammered effect finish and engraving plate. It's by English Pewter Co of Sheffield (their older "W" shaped logo is on the base) and while it is a few years old and does have a couple of small marks, and a very small dent to the base, it should buff up nicely (It's a little dull) and it could easily be engraved for presentation or used as a hobbyists project.

13cm x 12.5cm

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Small and Heavy Brass Coloured Bwol or Planter

Small round bowl with very heavy base (weighs 900g) made from what appears to be cast brass. It is certainly the right colour but I can't guarantee the metal. It has a very satisfying ring though! Some stains on the inside - I think it may have been used as a planter - and a couple of small ones on the outside but I think it will buff nicely.

13cm x 5.5cm

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Single Deep Retro Wooden Fruit Bowl

Retro look wooden fruit bowl. Quite deep with overhanging lip and diagonal grain. A copuple of small marks on the outside including a natural rough area on the base edge. Otherwise in very good condition.

18cm x 10cm
8cm depth

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Vintage Crested Ewer/Jug - Criccieth - Norfolk Crest China/WH Smith & Son

Vintage miniature crested ware jug or ewer bearing the crest of Criccieth in Wales. It is stamped "Norfiolk Crest China on a ribbon around "WHS & S" which I take to be WH Smith & Son. I have also seen similar logos marked as "Warwick China" with the Smith's name attached but I can't trace either to the UK. In good condition with light age-related wear.

7cm x 5cm

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Vintage Brass Boot Vesta or Match Holder - Peerage


Classic match holder by Peerage in the shape of a right footed boot. The two mice are clearly visible, albeit a little lacking in detail. In excellent condition.

Weight incl packaging: 300g

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Vintage Osiris Solway Sandwich Platter - 742046 - Alfred Meakin


Hand painted sandwich platter in the blue Osiris Solway design, Reg'd 740246, by Alfred Meakin. Dates I think from the 1930s. A couple of small chips to the undersides that don't show from above and the paint is a little worn on the relief area on the handles but still a good decorative piece.

32cm x 16cm
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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wyncraft W52 Mint Sauce Pot - Crown Devon


Vintage 1960s Wyncraft W52 mint sauce pot by Crown Devon in olive green basket weave pattern. Wide notched lid, stamped Crown Devon and impressed W52 on the base. In excellent condition.

Length: 8cm high x 7.5cm diameter

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The Just So Song Book - Rudyard Kipling - Edward German


Collection of 12 songs from the Just So Stories with words by Rudyard Kipling and set to music by Edward German. This popular songbook was first published in 1903 by Macmillan & Co. This edition dates from 1922.  Hardback with 62 full sized pages of piano notation. Condition is largely very good indeed. Some slight bumping to the corners and a little scuffing to the edges of the cover, there is very little creasing to the spine. There is a signature on the inside facing page and there are a couple of what look to be ancient food stains on a couple of the pages but nothing at all serious. Some age discolouration to pages but no foxing.

30.5cm x 24.5cm

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Greek Art Pottery Decorative Hanging Plate - Neofitou

Lovely decorative plate, drilled in the footring for hanging. It features some blue green and gold flowers with 24ct gold elements and is stamped by Neofitou with an additional impression for Kerameikos, Greece. There is a tiny bit of crazing and the hole is a bit chipped as someone had used a wire rather than string loop but otherwise it's a striking and well opresented plate.

18cm diameter 

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Vintage Stoneware Beef Dripping Jar - Pearson's of Chesterfield


Small beige stoneware kitchen storage beef dripping jar. Fill it up with the juices from the roast and smear it on some lovely hot crusty white bread for Grandad's favourite healthy tea. Or just store pencils in it. Pearson's ceased production in 1994 so their wares are becoming more difficult to find in good condition. This however is in a fine state.

9cm x 9cm

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Vintage Small Silver Plated Jug

Small silver plated 1/8th pint cream or milk jug in a slightly conical, vaguely art deco hotel ware style. It is marked 1/8 in the centre of the base and there is PON stamped twice, just inside the edge of the base. It's in very good condition and shines up very nicely with only very minimal tarnishing. I think the handle may well have been repaired at some stage but it has been done very well

8cm x 10cm diameter

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Handpainted Bone China Blue & Gold Lustre Bowl - Lyme Studio

Lyme Studio are a decorating studio specialising in commemorative and gift ware and are finished to a high standard. All items are unique but they tend to use several main colourways with 22 carat gold detailing. This is a two handled bone china bowl, with a very satisfying "ting", finished in what I believe is their Lapis Lazuli colourway and gilded rim, handles and footring. It's signed by the artist, Vivienne J. Evison on the base. A lovely looking item in excellent condition.

13cm x 9cm

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pair of "Lavinia" Egg Coddlers - Royal Worcester


Unboxed pair of Royal Worcester standard sized egg coddlers in the Lavinia pattern (blackberries, brambles and blossom). I suspect they have been used but they are in extremely good condition with only the tiniest of marks on the lids. Each coddler approx 6.5cm to the rim plus lid (8.5cm total).

8.5cm x 5.5cm

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Beautiful Vintage Green Wax-Resist Vase - Aviemore Pottery

Really lovely small art pottery vase by Aviemore Pottery, Scotland. A lovely retro shape typical of the pottery with a speckled pastel green and blue glaze with a wax resist pattern on both sides. Unintentionally I suspect but one side resembles a Christmas tree so if you fancy something seasonal - bid up! e to age it accurately - it could be pre- or post WW2 but however old it is it's in excellent condition.  
11.5cm x 8cm

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"Evesham" Trinket Dish or Spoon Rest - Royal Worcester

Scallop shell shaped trinket or change dish in the Evesham design by Royal Worcester. The stamp on the reverse says "Shape 52, Size 3". It is the gold rimmed version although it is not labelled as Evesham Gold. The gilding has slightly worn on the scalloping and corners but otherwise the dish is in very good condition.
12cm x 10.5cm x 3cm

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Vintage Hand Painted Miniature Gold Lustre Jug

Miniature jug in the Welsh gold lustre style with a pair of hand painted flowers around the bowl. Unmarked but in excellent condition.

5.5cm x 5.5cm

Weight incl packaging: 250g

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Yellow Azalea Milk Jug - British Anchor

Large yellow milk jug with hessian textured surface and floral relief pattern by British Anchor Pottery. The pattern name is Azalea. Unable to age it accurately - it could be pre- or post WW2 but however old it is it's in excellent condition.  
14cm x 6.5cm

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Vintage Rectangular Profile Vase - Kernewek Pottery Cornwall

Medium sized brown honeycomb glazed vase by Kernewek. It has a rectangular profile with a small tongue at the back that is not quite centrally placed! It's in excellent condition although there is a small patch on the edge of the tongue that appears to be an unglazed spot rather than a chip.

16cm x 8cm x 6.5cm
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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Small East German Fata Lava Style Vase - 4078 VEB Haldensleben

Small brown vase by the East German state owned company, VEB Haldensleben. It's their 4078 pattern and has a serpentine relief edged band around the middle in a "fat lava" style. It has a tiny chip on the edge of the neck (see photo) but otherwise is in excellent condition. Great retro item.
16cm x 6.5cm

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Vintage Welsh Gold Lustre Ware - Creigiau

Lovely small cream jug in typical Welsh gold lustre finish with blue interior. The name of the pottery changed to Creigiau Pottery from Southcliffe in around 1948 so this can really only be dated to any time after that date until about 1983. In excellent condition.

6cm x 8cm (d)

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Vintage Large Gold and Silver Paperweight


Large and heavy clear glass paperweight with gold and silver tinged bubbles in a tree branch formation. It's around the size of a large orange with a flat etched base. One or two small surface marks but otherwise in excellent condition.

8.5cm x 8.5cm

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Nature's Window Collection No. 9 - Summer Kingfisher - Christopher Holt & Co

Resin tableau in wood effect frame from the Nature's Window Collection sculpted by Christopher Holt. This is No 9, Summer Kingfisher. It is drilled for hanging on the reverse and is in very good condition. I can't see any marks or damage but the wood effect frame is made to look slightly distressed
13cm x 3.3cm

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Set of Six Horn Effect Resin Inlay Napkin Rings

A set of six napkin rings in what I suppose to be resin although it has the look of horn, and could well be. They are all inlaid with a white zig-zag pattern and polished. The shapes are roughly triangular but the sizes and thicknesses are irregular, both things enhancing the natural effect.

5cm x 4cm deep (biggest)

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Vintage Green Glazed Posy Basket 6214 - Burlington Ware - John Shaw

Superb green glazed floral patterned Burlington Ware basket by John Shaw & Sons. The design number is 6214. Backstamp dates to late 1950s early 1960s and apart from a chip having been smoothed out on the footring (barely visible in normal use) it's in excellent condition.

20cm x 15cm x 12cm (h)

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