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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Vintage Studio Pottery Vase - Gansey Pottery, Isle of Man


Interesting small wide vase from Gwen Foulger's Gansey Pottery on the Isle of Man, one of the few that takes some of its clay from the sea It's a mottled beige on the outside, speckled sky blue on the inside and shaped a bit like a pint beer glass but shorter and wider. It's in pretty good condition although crazed on the inside towards the bottom. The mark on the base is more of a blown bubble than a chip and looks to be original. I have no idea of the age, it could be anything up to 50 years old.

13cm x 10cm

Weight Incl packaging: 1kg

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Large Vintage Green Jug/Ewer - Celtic Ceramics/Kilrush Pottery

Very large angular jug/ewer made by Celtic Ceramics in the 1960s/1970s. Although it's Irish made it has definite German influences which is not surprising as the pottery was Irish/German owned. It ceased production 30 years ago so these are increasingly rare. There is a little bit of crazing and there are a couple of little casting flaws but no damage and condition is otherwise excellent.

This is a very bulky item and I would prefer local pick up as it is not something I feel entirely confident in trusting to a shipping service. I will post but it will be around £13.10 for Parcelforce so please ask if you wish to take the risk. If the buyer is within a reasonable distance it is possible I could deliver for the equivalent postage cost.

28cm (h) x 22cm max diameter

Weight incl packaging: 3.5kg

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