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Friday, 28 February 2014

Set of Four Novelty Ceramic Coasters - Arthur Wood

This is a set of four heavy china/ironstone tile coasters by Arthur Wood in the "Back to Front Frog" design. They each feature a straw boater wearing cartoon frog, two facing forwards and two looking away. The backstamp is I think one used until the company was acquired by Price & Kensington in 1989 but as ever this does not necessarily provide an accurate date!  In excellent condition but someone has affixed neoprene pads to each corner which you may or may not wish to remove.

9.5cm x 9.5cm x 0.8cm
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Vintage Large Milk Jug - Jersey Pottery

Spherical milk jug (which I think has been used as a vase) by Jersey Pottery. It's a brown wash over plain white with sgraffito designs in a band around the top half. It also features the Jersey coat of arms. Crazed otherwise in very good condition.

14cm x 10cm
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Miniature Oldcourt Lustre Ware Vase - J.Fryer

Miniature pearlescent lustre vase with handpainted floral design and gold rim. The backstamp is from the era 1955-60  and bar a touch of wear (not much at all) to the gilding it's in excellent condition.

7.5cm x 5cm

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Collectable - Poole Pottery Stoneware Plate with Wren Signed CS

Very collectable unglazed stoneware dish by Poole Pottery featuring a wren on some ivy with black glazed or enameled eye. Poole Pottery backstamp on the base as well as the initials CS. One or two small marks but nothing too serious and in otherwise very good condition.

Measurements: 13cm diameter
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Monday, 24 February 2014

Stoneware Canal - Narrowboat - Souvenir Mug - Staffs & Worcester Canal


Novelty studio pottery stoneware mug with base mounted handle and a plaque fixed to the "front" bearing the legend "I Fell in the Staffs & Worcs Canal". Obviously great for the clumsy boater in your life. It is marked "SP" near the base but I can't find a reference for this potter. In excellent condition.

12.5cm x 10cm
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Vintage Green Irish Porcelain Tankard - 1953 - Irish Wade


Lovely heavy green tankard made from Irish Porcelain.  The green glaze has been put on over a blue glaze which can be seen on the exterior towards the base and in the interior of the tankard.  It has been decorated with the shamrock design and 'Irish Porcelain - Made in Ireland' is impressed on the base along with a shamrock with the letter A.  In excellent condition.

Height: 14cm
Diameter: 7.7cm

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wild Rose or Roses G Dorothy Dessert Plate - Royal Doulton D6227

One of Doulton's loveliest designs, the D6227 pattern, Roses G or Wild Rose was introduced in 1940 and was produced for about 20 years. The handpainted pink and crimson roses on a blue background is stunning and timeless. This is a Dorothy Desert Plate and it's in very good condition. It is crazed as you might expect but the colours are beautifully strong and there are no chips or cracks.

20cm x 20cm
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Pair of Miniature Terracotta Owls


Charming pair of owls in part-glazed terracotta. A few little smudges here and there, which may clean off with a bit of application, but otherwise OK.

65.5cm x 4cm x 4cm

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Souvenir Studio Pottery Stoneware Mug with Robin Hood Relief

Hand thrown stoneware goblet in green glaze with terracotta Robin Hood relief. Not sure of the age, I have only seen one other mug with a similar decoration and was no more informed! It is though in excellent condition.

11cm x 8.5cm diameter

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Souvenir Stein - Hilton Hotel Munich

0.5l capacity beer stein from the Hilton Hotel, Munich. Condition looks to be fairly new, no marks.

15cm x 14cm (H) x 10cm
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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Vintage Small Hand-thrown Stoneware Vase - Pilling Pottery

Small vintage hand-thrown stoneware vase with a wax resist glaze.  The vase is in new condition and still bears the sticker stating 'Pilling Pottery, Lancashire'.  We reckon that going by the telephone number given for the pottery this vase must be around 30 years old.  A lovely ornament.
Diameter of neck: 5cm
Diameter at it's widest: 8cm
Height: 12cm

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Vintage Set of Five Studio Pottery Conical Mugs - Patricia Higginbotham


Lovely vintage set of 5 studio pottery conical mugs stamped with PH on the base.  3 of the mugs are more or less the same size but they all seem to differ in height and diameter which gives them a lovely eccentric feel. In lovely condition - and totally unique!
Heights and diameters:
2 are 8.5cm high x 9.5cm
1 is 9cm x 10cm
1 is 9cm x 9.5cm
1 is 7cm x 9cm

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Pair of Vintage Gaboon Ebony Candlesticks


This is a pair of miniature turned Gaboon Ebony candlesticks. I have seen similar listed as Edwardian but I cannot age these and it is quite possible they are indeed antique although please be aware I cannot guarantee any accuracy with this assessment. They are very clean with no wax residue and apart from one or two very small cracks in the bases are in excellent condition.

13cm x 6cm each

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Small Brass Leaf Shaped Ashtray

Small brass ashtray in the shape of a vine leaf with a small bunch of grapes at one end. Two grooves for cigarettes and three feet. A little bit of polish residue around the detail, most of which I've managed to remove; the rest I am sure will come off with time. Otherwise it's in excellent condition.

10cm x 8.5cm
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Engraved Brass Bell

Brass bell nicely engraved with floral garlands. It still has the clapper and it has a lovely deep and loud ring to it that belies its modest size. The engraving, too, is a cut above the usual quality seen on imported brassware. Nice item.

8cm (h) x 6.5cm
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Large Double Handled Jug/Vase - Hillstonia

Large double handled wood effect jug from the Hillstonia range by Moira Pottery. It looks to be in excellent condition although with the rustic finish on this style of Hillstonia it's always difficult to judge!

20cm x 16cm across handle
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Pair of China Ducks


Rather sweet pair of cavorting ducklings. They are almost certainly earthenware although probably hand-painted but are nevertheless a nice little ornament and are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.

Each duck approx: 10cm x 10cm

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mustard Yellow Glaze Jug Brixham Pottery, Devon

Lovely small mustard yellow jug with a very pretty swirly pattern in brown.  There are a couple of pock marks that happened during glazing and if you look closely the jug is crazed.  There is a stamp on the base stating 'Brixham Pottery Devon' and 'Made in England'.  The condition of the jug is perfect with no hairline cracks, flea bites or chips.

All measurements approximate: 11cm (h) x 11cm (d) (including the handle)

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Vintage Ginger Jar - Nabob - Mason's - Missing Lid

Small ironstone ginger jar by Mason's in the "Nabob" pattern. The backstamp suggests it is from around 1936 but I cannot guarantee this.  It is missing the lid but is otherwise in very good condition.

9.5cm x 8cm

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Studio Pottery Stoneware Sugar Bowl - Stratford on Avon Pottery - Repaired Lid

Stoneware preserve pot or sugar bowl by Stratford on Avon Pottery. It has an abstract design around both bowl and lid, which is slotted for a spoon. The lid has been repaired - it may not be visible on the photographs but the bit immediately to the right of the slot has snapped off and been repaired - quite well as I have to admit it fooled me. I only spotted it as I started to write this description! It looks a clean break with no chips so should it go again I dare say it could be repaired again or else used without the lid. Bowl is in excellent condition.

9cm x 7cm
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Friday, 14 February 2014

Antique Crested China Mug - Bexhill on Sea - Grafton China

Miniature crested ware mug bearing the arms of Bexhill-on-Sea. Dates from between 1900-13 and apart from a little of the gilding around the edge worn away it's in fine condition.

4.5cm x 5.5cm
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Vintage Tall Shiny Grey Lustre Tankard - Prinknash Abbey Pottery

Large tankard sized mug with ornate handle from Prinknash Abbey Pottery. Finished in their familiar grey lustre glaze, it's in excellent condition. This tankard is in a slightlier glossy finish than is usual

12.8cm x 13.6cm(d)
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Vintage Milk Jug - Royal Falcon Ware - JH Weatherby

Vintage milk jug by JH Weatherby and Sons using the Royal Falcon Ware mark. It's angular, with deco touches but with a simple handpainted pansy design and green lining to the rim and handle. Mark is post 1936 - it's possible this is from the pre-war period but I cannot vouch any more than that. There is a small chip on the base (visible in pictures) and apart from the expected crazing it's in fine condition.

9cm x 13.5cm
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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Limited Edition Vase - German - Gilde Exclusive Künstlerkeramik - E.Langert

This is a gorgeous hand painted art pottery vase, No 118 of a limited edition of 500 decorated and signed by E. Langert in 1998. It's by Gilde Exclusive Künstlerkeramik and still has an original label and price label on (DM 134.90 in 1998 - About £48 in 1998). There is one label missing - this would have said "Echt Vergoldert" indicating that the gold lining was with real gold. It's in beautiful condition although it does appear to have been used owing to the fragments of oasis in the base (the plant holder foam, not discarded bits of the Gallagher brothers).

22cm x 10cm x 20cm

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Retro 1960s Vase: Lotus - Arthur Wood

Retro 1960s/70s yellow-brown glazed vase in the Lotus pattern by Arthur Wood and Sons. Very retro looking. Some light cracks in the glaze but not crazed, otherwise in excellent condition.

23cm x 8cm

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Pair of Brass Duelling Pistol Wall Decorations


Pair of ornamental cast brass flintlock duelling pistols with hooks for wall hanging. I can't see a maker's name on them but they are pretty good condition with only a little bit of verdigris in the detail.

Each one 23cm x 10cm x 1.5cm
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Small Posy Vase - Aynsley Pembroke


Small scalloped and fluted posy vase in the Pembroke pattern by Aynsley. In excellent condition

9cm x 5.5cm

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Vintage Two Handled Soup Bowl - Royal Doulton


Lovely pre-war double handled soup bowl. Floral bouquets front and back and a further three inside with leaf garland around the inside. Hand-painted gold rim and dashes on handles. Number 11 next to mark signifying 1939 as date of manufacture.

16cm across handles x 6.5cm
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Vintage Mint Sauce Pot - Lord Nelson Pottery

Green basket pattern mint sauce pot with slotted lid by Lord Nelson Pottery. Interchangeable with Wyncraft ware. In excellent condition - sadly no spoon.

8cm x 7cm

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pair of Miniature Brass candlesticks

Rather nice pair of miniature brass candlesticks for your mantlepiece. Small, pyramid shaped base with screw-in helical stems. Will fit very slender candles, approx thickness 7mm. IA couple of small marks to the bases but overall in very good condition.

12.5cm (h) x 5.5cm sq base
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Novelty Animal Mug - Creepy Lizard!


Japanese made novelty mug in stoneware effect glazed earthenware. Definitely for the right handed, the drinking side is plain, the opposite features what can only be described as a "thing" climbing up the outside. A warty thing that is part lizard, part frog and by the looks of its tail, part dragon. Charming in its own way! Mug looks unused (would suit someone with a delicate nose!), the original sticker is still on the base. In excellent condition as you may imagine.

11.5cm x 11.5cm

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Small Stoneware Pin Tray with Irises

Absolutely gorgeous small stoneware pin dish with upturned edges and impressed lines and circles in each corner. The edges are blue and with a lovely picture of irises in the centre. Very Japanese influenced. It is signed on the back but I can't make it out. It could be Mija or Miya although the latter is unlikely as while there is a Miya, the logo is entirely different. In excellent condition. 

12cm x 8.5cm 
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Vintage Brown Lustre Coffee Pot - Royal Worcester Fireproof

Tall brown "Fireproof" coffee/tea pot with strainer spout from Royal Worcester. In excellent condition - no staining as far as I can see so may well be unused. Only one problem - it's not the original lid; it should be domed with a larger finial rather than this one but it's still a decent pot nevertheless.

17cm x 18cm (d)
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Vintage Floral Lustre Ware Vase - Oldcourt Ware


Vintage Hand-Painted Lustre Ware Vase
J. Fryer - Oldcourt

Small hand-painted floral patterned vase in the lustre finish. The floral pattern extends about two-thirds of the way round. There is a slight deformity - it has a slightly flattened part, no doubt accidentally pushed against something as it was drying, and this is about where the right hand (as looking) edge of the pattern ends so it's not directly at the "back" (slightly visible as the vaguely darkened area on the left of  "back" picture) . However, it's not at all noticeable until you pick it up and feel it. Apart from that it appears to be in excellent condition - even the gold line on the inside of the rim is still mostly there.

13cm x 8cm
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Monday, 3 February 2014

Ceramic Miniature of The Old Grammar School, Market Harborough - Collectable

Small ceramic miniature of The Old Grammar School in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. It's handpainted and in very good condition apart from a little crazing here and there.

Approx 8cm x 9cm x 7cm
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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Brown Honeycomb Milk Jug - Fosters or Kernewek


Milk jug in brown honeycomb drip glaze by, I think, either Foster's or Kernewek of Cornwall. I favour Foster's as it's unmarked and they didn't always add stamps.  In excellent condition.

14cm x 8cm
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Vintage Log Posy Vase - Wade

Small straight log shaped posy vase by Wade. In excellent condition.

12cm x 4cm x 2.5cm
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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Small Handpainted Fingerbowl - Jersey Pottery

This is a small shallow bowl by Jersey Pottery, handpainted in blue and yellow. I think it's possibly a finger bowl, seems too small for anything else. You may know better. In excellent condition

7.5cm x 2cm
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