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Monday, 29 June 2015

Vintage Hand Painted Bowl - Portmadoc Pottery JW

Lovely handpainted bowl with embossed fruit design around the rim. It's not marked as such but it has all the hallmarks of being from the Portmadoc/Porthmadog Pottery, with blue brushstrokes and part matt glaze on the base. It is also marked JW in crayon, another Portmdoc trait.  It's in perfect condition.
16.5cm diameter x 5cm

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Vintage Handpainted Jug - Pattern 8166 - Grays Pottery - Susie Cooper

Hand painted buff coloured jug by Grey's Pottery. It has the later Pharaoh's boat version of the backstamp used between 1935 & 45 but on an unfamiliar colourway, this one being red and yellow flowers with what appear to be gooseberries, with a red rim and handle. My reliable internet authority has contacted me suggesting that it is floral pattern 8166, dating originally from 1928 and possibly by Susie Cooper. The later backstamp explained by it probably being a replacement piece from the company's matching service. Some ingrained crazing and a little colour wear plus a short hairline crack on the inside beneath the yellow flower. Still looks nice though. 
8.5cm x 18.5cm (d)

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Retro Brown Oil/Vinegar Bottle - Honiton Pottery - Devon

Very retro looking brown oil or vinegar bottle by Honiton Pottery. In excellent condition although no stopper, if there ever was one!

Measurements:15.5cm high x 8cm diameter
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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Vintage Tankard Shaped Mug - Secla Portugal

Large retro shaped mug in a toffee coloured glaze and plain white inner. It is stamped "Portugal" on the base and I'm almost certain it's by the Secla concern. But if I'm wrong, I apologise! In great condition with only some barely visible fine crazing.  

11cm x 12.5cm

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Vintage Porcelain Invalid or Child's Feeder Cup - Collectable - Mr Spock?

This is a porcelain feeder cup for a child or invalid, certainly vintage, possibly antique. It has some staining on the inside with tannin visible in the spout so it was well used. There is also a tiny chip to the end of the spout and some of the gold lining is barely visible. Quite unremarkable until you flip it over and you see the backstamp - it looks like a Vulcan salute as used by Mr Spock off Star Trek.  I've been trying to research this but unfortunately to no avail so any help would be gratefully received. Win this, hopefully you'll live long and prosper! 
13.5cm max diameter x 7.5cm

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Vintage Welsh Language Sugar Bowl - Tregaron Pottery

Stoneware sugar bowl by Tregaron Pottery. It supposedly has the Welsh for sugar written on one side - rather it has "siwgwr" written on it, whereas I believe the correct spelling is "siwgr". Any Welsh speakers care to enlighten me?  In excellent condition though.

10.5cm x 7cm
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Friday, 5 June 2015

Antique Silver Plated 1 Pint Tankard - The Champion Pub, Bayswater Road

An antique, certified 1 pint, tankard in a heavy EPNS that is stamped on the base "The Champion Bayswater Road". On the front, opposite the handle, is an ornate engraved monogram, "TC". The verification mark, E, is for Edward VII (our present monarch would be EIIR) and the Verification Authority number is 2, City of London. Edward VII reigned between 1901 & 1910 so it is safe to suppose that this is well in excess of 100 years old. It is a little dented around the base and the surface is a little corroded and oxidised - the close-up of the verification mark gives a fair representation of the general condition.  Considering its age though it is still very robust and can be easily restored with some buffing and if need be, professionally re-plated. I have given it a cursory polish and it has improved no end from the state it was in when I obtained it. The Champion is still a thriving pub - perhaps you're a regular who would like a special memento of your favourite local.
14cm (h) x 15cm (diameter incl handle)

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Vintage Half Barrel/Butter Churn Effect Lidded Bowl - Secla-Portugal

Unusual lidded bowl in the form of a half barrel or perhaps a butter churn. Use for anything you like although I would not think it's suitable for use as cookware. Some light crazing but otherwise in excellent condition.

12cm x 8cm 

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Studio Pottery Stoneware Oil or Vinegar Bottle

Another mystery item. It's a hand thrown stoneware oil or vinegar bottle in pale yellow tinged speckled top half going through light brown to unglazed base. It is marked, with what appears to be an impressed on its side. This looks familiar but I can't identify it from my references. Any help gratefully received! Unfortunately no stopper but otherwise in excellent condition.

14cm x 10cm

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Pair of Hand Thrown Blue Ceramic Candlesticks

A pair of contemporary hand thrown earthenware candlesticks with a blue flow glaze. Not identical, one is slightly smaller by a few mm but not so much as you'd notice if they were at opposite ends of a mantlepiece. The smaller one has half a dozen little surface flea bites but these can be turned away or disguised,otherwise they're a very nice pair.

14cm x 7cm

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Antique Hand Coloured Shepherd Boy China Mug

Antique china mug featureing a resting shepherd boy in a woodland setting with three sheep and his dog. The transfer is on twice and has been hand detailed and coloured, and quite roughly, too. I have no clue as to the maker - the one example I found online on an auctioneer's site was similarly clueless  but the diamond registration mark dates the mug to 18th March 1876. It does have some damage, most notably the handle which has been been repaired with what looks epoxy resin although it looks to be a very old repair. There is also a hairline crack opposite the handle running for about 1/3 way down from the rim. There is also some discolouration and staining from one or two glaze cracks in the base. Colours are good though and a more skilled repair will reward the buyer with a nice piece.       

8cm (h) x 10.5cm

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Vintage Egg Separator - Brixham Pottery

Cream coloured slit style egg separator with green lining and floral transfer decoration by Brixham Pottery. In perfect condition

13cm x 8cm x 4.5cm

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Vintage Stoneware Water Jug Lovatt's - Langley Mill

Superb stoneware water jug or pitcher by Lovatt's of Langley Mill. it is a rope effect texture in beige with a darker brown tint around the rim and on the handle. You can just about make out the Lovatt's Stoneware stamp on the base. It's in excellent condition.

20cm x 20cm

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