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Friday, 29 March 2013

Vintage German Stein - Marzi & Remy

Very nice but unspectacular German beer stein from Marzi & Remy. The mark on the base dates it from post 1964 although I have not been able to date it exactly. The style suggests late 60s although I could be wrong. There is a number 6 or 9 on the base but nothing else, not even a capacity mark. Condition is extremely good, only one or two very tiny chips to the glaze around the base but these do not detract from the overall quality.

Measurements approx
Height 16cm
Across base 10cm
Across rim 7.3cm

Weight with packaging approx 1200g  UK Postage only
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Vintage Taunton Vale Sugar/Flour Sifter

This is a vintage Taunton Vale sugar or flour sifter. White glazed with rope and herbs transfer decoration. In very good condition although like most vintage Taunton Vale it's suffered some crazing. It has a plastic stopper in the base that I can't easily remove (I haven't tried to force it) so I can't tell what the internal condition is. If soaked in warm water for a while this may well remove easier. This may well suggest though that it's rarely, if ever, been used.

Measurements: 13cm H x 12cm max dia incl handle.

Weight with packaging: approx 750g UK Postage Only.

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Vintage Belgian Lace Bread Roll Holder - Never Used

Very pretty vintage bread roll holder made out of Belgian lace. The base is a round piece of linen with some Belgian lace stitched onto it and on top of that is another piece of Belgian lace with a piece of linen stitched onto it. Two draw strings have been threaded through the lace and when pulled and tied on each side form a pretty and dainty lace bread roll bowl. Some of the pictures show the linen to be an off-white colour - the lace is definitely white!

This has never been used and was a gift from a Belgian mother-in-law about 30 years ago.

100% Cotton.

Measurements approx and unstretched:
Diameter of base of inner 'bowl': 15cm
Diameter including the lace edging: 29cm
Height: +/- 4cm

Weight with packaging: approx 100g.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Important Announcement - New Postage Rates

In a cynical attempt to cash in on the online market, The Royal Mail has decided to tinker with the pricing and formats of its parcels service with changes becoming effective on Tuesday, 2nd April.

Letter post will remain unaffected but two new parcel rates, medium and large parcels, are being introduced and the airmail price stages are changing from 100g to 250g. For small volume businesses such as ourselves it will unfortunately mean some changes to our P & P charges. A lot of our smaller ceramic items for instance, which we posted for £2.30, will now attract a £5+  charge. On the plus side for our overseas customers, those items presently just under the 250g, 500g, 750g thresholds will actually be cheaper to send. Details of the price and format changes can be found on the Royal Mail site here. Download a PDF here

Due to the bank holidays our last posting day under the old prices will be Saturday. We are working hard to introduce the new changes but it will take time as we have little option other than to manually alter many of our listings so we would appreciate it if you didn't pay immediately but allowed us to invoice you with the new rates if applicable. If you purchase any of our fixed priced listings after Saturday please be aware there may well be a surcharge on some items.

Many apologies for these changes and for any inconvenience but they are totally out of our control. We are though looking at alternative solutions.

Curio Gifts.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Pair of China Ginger Jars by James Sadler

A pair of pretty ginger jars by James Sadler in a blue blossom pattern. They are a later model, as evidenced by the mark. One has a tiny chip on the edge of the lid, visible in the picture (right) but otherwise they are in excellent condition.

All measurements approx:
12.5cm (h) x 11 cm diameter

Weight with packaging: approx 3000g. (UK Bidders only).

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Vintage Rough Finish Stoneware Jug - Hartrox

Do you collect Hartrox Stoneware? It was produced by Hartleys of Castleford, in the West Riding between about 1952 and 1960. The Hartrox range was very popular and is still sought after by collectors. We've had a few of the glazed items before but this mid-sized milk jug is of the rarer rough "combed" unglazed range - large, very rough and let's be honest, a challenge to clean! Smooth and glazed inside, obviously. This does have a couple of marks, mainly on the handle, but with care these could be cleaned off. Otherwise it's in great condition.

15cm high and 15cm diameter (including the handle).

Weight: 1200g including packaging. Will post abroad but it will be expensive.

Price information here

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cocktail/Statement Rings by Bedazzled and Ikita of France.

Purple Glass Flower Statement Ring by Bedazzled.

Stretch band cocktail ring with gold edged purple glass petals and purple faceted glass bead centre. Band is 1cm wide stretch links, flower 4.5cm across. This isn't a small ring so do be aware of this when you buy!

It comes in a Bedazzled presentation box.

Approx weight, with packaging 55g.

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Pink Enamel and Silver Circles Ring by Ikita.

Ikita of France design and manufacture high quality beautiful and contemporary costume jewellery, often using novel materials. They are sometimes difficult to source and you will often see their inspiration in the designs of many much cheaper ranges of accessories. We are proud to be offering some new genuine Ikita designs, many of which you won't yet find elsewhere on Ebay. Look for the distinctive stamp and be quick!

Very distinctive, as one would expect of Ikita, expandable band ring of three circular designs in enamel, diamante and silver. Ikita stamp on the rear of the ring. Longest measurement across approx 3.5cm. Will be shipped in Bedazzled presentation box.

Approx weight, with packaging 50g.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Small Black Earthenware Handled Vase with Raffia - Austrian Made

A squat black earthenware vase with a single handle and wide rim that makes it look like a jug without a spout. It has been neatly wrapped with white raffia. On the base it has A9 in large moulded figures with "Made in Austria" in splodgy yellow ink. Not sure how old this is as it's in splendid condition - I have seen similar pieces marked as 50s but the raffia looks to be in too good condition and the base isn't marked at all - unless it's never been moved!

Measurements: 9cm (H) x 12cm diameter incl handle.
Weight with packaging: approx 500.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

African Tribal Art - Carved Wooden Cockerel from Senegal


My partner's father was a diplomat and served a lot of time in West Africa. This was given to him almost 30 years ago in Senegal, quite possibly on a visit to a gaol. Since then it has travelled the world from Cameroon to Japan thence to Belgium and currently resides in the Pearl of the North, Crewe. It's in a light wood, painted black with the comb and wattle in red. It has a couple of dents here and there but it's difficult to say where he picked these up, they could be original. It stands evenly on both feet and is full of character.

32cm high x 37 long and 10cm wide.

Weight including packaging: In excess of 2kg. The quoted mail price of £9 is for Royal Mail Parcels as we tend to use Royal Mail for all our postal services but if I can find a cheaper option I will unless you are OK with this price. Please inform me at the end of the auction. Unfortunately no overseas postage on this item.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Vintage Wooden Darning Mushroom


Vintage small wooden darning mushroom. Lathe turned, lovely smooth handle with nice patina. Age, not sure and apologies for posting this in an antique category if it isn't. Handle fits very snugly but I will dismantle it for posting.

All measurements approx: 6.5cm diameter, 10cm length.

Weight with packaging: approx 70g.

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Pair of Small Brass Insense Burners - Israel


A pair of charming little incense burners (or candlestick holders at a push) in brass. They each have a small bowl and a fluted stem to a trumpet shaped base and both have a seperate little plate on which to stand. Both the burners and plates are decorated with small discs, some of which are filled with either a tourquoise enamel or verdigris. I can't remove it so I think it's deliberate! The bowls have an inscription in Hebrew, which I will attempt to get translated. The small plates are stamped underneath with a Z in a circle and "Israel Export Quality".

All measurements approx:
9cm (h) x 6.5cm across plate.

Weight with packaging: approx 500g.

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Vintage German Stoneware Wine Jug by Wick-Werke


Beautiful grey stoneware jug by Wick-Werke featuring a relief of two young children carrying a large bunch of grapes with detailing picked out in cobalt blue. The motto across it reads "Trinkt wie eure Väter aus Stein den Wein" which translates roughly as "Drink as your fathers, wine from the stone" although we don't have a suitable English word meaning stone(ware) to rhyme with wine. Stein is actually short for stoneware and does not, as is erroneously thought, mean a drinking vessel . The numerous marks on the base suggest it is an early-ish example - WW were making these for much of their existence, from 1922 until they went bankrupt in 1984, the later models being lighter in colour with more rounded "W" markings on the base and with the relief in to be honest, poor quality. The detailing on the faces of the children on this one is exceptional, far better than later models I've seen. I would hazard a guess at it being pre-war, maybe even late Weimar - the "29" may be a clue. If it were immediate post war it would probably have had occupation markings and the later ones almost certainly marked West Germany. It is in exceptional condition.

13cm (h) x 11cm diameter across handle.

Weight with packaging: 600g.

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Ikita Multi-coloured and glitter stones on black chain - New.


Ikita of France design and manufacture high quality beautiful and contemporary costume jewellery, often using novel materials. They are sometimes difficult to source and you will often see their inspiration in the designs of many much cheaper ranges of accessories. We are proud to be offering some new genuine Ikita designs, many of which you won't yet find elsewhere on online auctions. Look for the distinctive stamp and be quick!

Very striking necklace from Ikita featuring 5 sets of multi-coloured smooth and faceted glitter enamel and acrylic stones mounted on five long curled black metal links. The largest stone mount features the Ikita stamp on the reverse. Each link also features a Swarowski style coloured glass crystal for some extra sparkle. Short black chain, approx 13 cm across with a 7cm extension and Ikita pendant at the end.

Approx weight, with packaging 60g.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pocket Encyclopaedia of British Steam Locomotives - In Colour by O.S. Nock - 1966

Excellent hardback book featuring close on 200 colour illustrations and descriptions of locos from Stephenson's Locomotive No 1 in 1825 up to the Evening Star in 1960. In very good condition with original polythene cover. Annotated with the original owner's handwritten name and address on the inside front cover. Pages slightly yellowed but in good condition and well bound. There is a polythene weather cover (the owner lived in Crewe, as do I, and I suspect the book saw some action) that has, I think, been taped in place and some old adhesive has leached to the red board cover but the cover is otherwise in great condition with no bumping or creasing to the spine. Interesting insert inside the flysheet from the Friends of the National Railway Museum on the "Duchess of Hamilton" heritage runs from the early 80s. Please note, this is the 2nd edition published in 1966 by Blandford Press and not the first edition listed in the item specifics published by LBS.

If you wish to purchase more than one item please contact me before payment so I can work out a combined postage.

Measurements:19cm x 13cm x 2cm.
Weight with packaging: approx 400g.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pebble Style Earthenware Posy Vase/Tea Light Holder - Guernsey Pottery

Pebble shaped posy vase or more probably a tea light holder as it has some soot residue inside. Green drip glaze over brown, large tea light sized hole in the top, twenty more around the outside in two rows. Scratched in "Guernsey Pottery" on the base. Condition is excellent apart from the soot!

Approx 8.5cm x 4.5cm.
Weight with packaging: approx 300g.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vintage P & K (PEK) "Chefs" Flour Shaker by Price and Kensington

Vintage earthenware flour shaker by Price and Kensington in the shape of a smiling Chef. In overall good condition with only some light crazing to the glaze and a couple of small chips that are out of sight in normal use; one on the heel of his right foot and a smaller one between the heels, both visible in the inset. They were there when I acquired him but do look to be recent. There are also two very small marks, one to the left of his cravat knot and another on the rim of his hat above his right eye (as you look at him) where the glaze has either rubbed away or not taken. They aren't in places that would easily knock so I favour the latter. It has a small red stopper in the base that does not look to have been opened and I can't detect any flour residue inside so I would hazard a guess it's not often been used, if at all. Marked on the base "Made in England P & K" with a black "N". P & K is often mistakenly referred to as PEK as the "&" resembles a capital E.

If you wish to purchase more than one item please contact me before payment so I can work out a combined postage. UK Bidders only please.

Measurements:20cm (h) x 10cm (w) x 8cm (d).
Weight with packaging: approx 1200g.

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Small Brown Earthenware Bowl by Laholm Pottery, Sweden


Beautiful bowl in a heavy textured earthenware. Thick brown glaze inside and on the underside, the side is plain with double hearts incised on it, the grooves of which are also coloured dark brown. Marked underneath Laholm Pottery Made in Sweden and 2046 - either a pattern number or maker's ID. A beautiful piece in stunning condition.

Measurements approx:
17cm diameter 6cm (h)

Weight with packaging: 1000g.

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Small Orange Drip Glaze Jug - by Ineka Pottery, Canada.


Lovely small orange/brown drip glazed jug from the Ineka Pottery of Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. It is marked Ineka Canada to the left of the bottom of the handle and is in excellent condition. The edge of the lip of the spout is a touch rough but I'm fairly certain this is original as it's quite a sharp edge.

Measurements approx: 8cm x 8cm.

Weight with packaging: approx 400g.

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Stunning Full-Length Electric Blue Velvet Flock Dress - Size 12 by Monsoon

Stunning full-length, fully lined sleeveless strappy electric blue velvet flock dress. The velvet on the dress are clusters of little flowers. The dress is very figure-hugging and there is a kick-pleat hem. The dress hardly looks worn, if ever. All the labels are very clean and there are no visible signs of wear - the dress is in excellent condition.

82% Viscose, 18% Silk, Lining: 100% Acetate.

Measurements approx and unstretched:
Across bust: 40cm (not forgetting that that is the measurement of the dress laid flat).
Length:142cm from the top of the straps to hem.

Weight with packaging: approx 300g.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Petrol Ration Book 1101 - 1500cc - Complete and Unused 1956 or 73


Motor fuel was rationed briefly during the 1956 Suez crisis. Ration books were issued at that time but many remained unused and were issued again at the time of the 1973 oil crisis following the Yom Kippur war. Newer versions were also used, referring to the Minister of Technology rather than to the Minister of Power as the earlier ones did. This book is Serial Number MH4 174956 and is for a Motor Car between 1101 and 1500 cc.

Condition is good, no tears, staples still good.

Weight with packaging: 50g.

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Small Grey Lustre by Tankard Prinknash

Small late-model tankard shaped mug by Prinknash Pottery in their signature grey lustre glaze. In excellent condition.

Measurements: 7cm (h) x 9.5cm across handle.
Weight with packaging: approx 300g.

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hand Carved Wooden Statue of a Man and a Woman.

Absolutely beautiful contemporary statue of a man and a woman standing together. The origin of this statue is unknown but my guess is that it may come from Bali - but that is just a guess. It is incredibly tactile and is in perfect condition. I should point out that there is 'dent' for want of a better word at the front of the mount but this looks as though it was already there when the statue was carved, judging by how it appears to part of the statue itself. A beautiful piece.

Height: 45cm.
Weight with packaging: approx 1.5kg. (Without packaging: 910g.)

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rare Antique Miniature Toby Jug - Owd Bill by Thomas Cone

Rare pink glazed earthenware toby jug. It is marked on the base 'Cone 4" OWD BiLL" and is by Thomas Cone Ltd of the Alma Works, Longton. According to the Gooden's Encyclopedia these were produced and marked like this between 1892 and 1912. Apart from some crazing - which has not become ingrained with grime - it is in superb condition. A true collector's piece.


10cm (h) x 9cm across handle.

Weight with packaging: approx 500g.

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Brown Seal Glug/Gurgle Vase by Kernewek Pottery Cornwall

Typical mid-sized seal gurgle or glug vase (or jug if you're picky) in brown drip glaze from Kernewek Pottery of Goonhavern, Cornwall. These are called 'glug' or 'gurgle' vases as when you tip water out of them they make a 'glugging' sound. It does have some light crazing, really only visible in bright light, but is otherwise in fine condition.

Measurements: 18cm x 11cm.

Weight with packaging: approx 800g.

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Pair of Vintage Folding Sport Glasses, 2.5 by Green

A lovely pair of folding sports glasses in a red case with a fixed focus and 2.5 magnification. The lenses are not at all scratched although could do with a clean. They still come in the original box which has seen better days. I would date them back to the late 50s/early 60s. Made in Japan.

A lovely vintage item in excellent condition.

Box size: 12cm x 7cm.

Weight with packaging: approx 195g.

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Vintage Miniature Character Jug - Sam Weller - Sandland Ware


Very collectable vintage handpainted character jug of Sam Weller from Pickwick Papers by Sandland Ware. In excellent condition. Good clear backstamp.


7cm (h) x 8cm across handle.

Weight with packaging: approx 250g.

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pair of Large Distressed Wooden Vases/Bookends


Can't quite work these out. They are drilled out for a candle or more probably some dried flowers but they're not hollow. I had to clean them up extensively, they had obviously been stored in a shed judging by their condition and their contents. But once dusted down and given a rub of good polish, what a delight! They are heavy, coming in at just over 1kg each, are approx 9cm square at the base and are 30cm tall so would make interesting, albeit very large, bookends. They are hand carved with a sun design on the angle and may well at one time have been painted or varnished as there is a kind of dark residue that does rub off although it doesn't look like a patina. I will leave any final clean up to the new owner, although I think they actually look pretty good as they are. They both have some slight cracks as you may expect but there's nothing threatening. Lovely items.

Weight with packaging: 3kg.

UK Bidders Only

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Vintage Brown Stoneware Bowl from Mashiko, Japan.


Beautiful brown vintage stoneware bowl bought in Mashiko in the early 1960s when my parents lived in Japan. Although the bowl is round, the rim of the bowl has been perfectly scalloped. The maker's stamp is on the base of the bowl, and it is in absolutely excellent condition, with no cracks, chips or flea bites.

UK only.

Height of bowl: 6.5cm
Diameter: 8cm

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