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Friday, 31 October 2014

Small Blue and White Ceramic Cauldron Money Box


Small cauldron shaped ceramic money box in blue and white and bearing the mottos, "A penny saved is a penny earned" (Curiously punctuated) and "Home Sweet Home". It has a wire hanger and wide slot with rubber bung. It is of fairly decent vintage, several old coins, including a silver thruppeny bit and a few old pennies, having been removed from it prior to me acquiring it. It's in very good condition although I had to removed quite a bit of rust from the wire hanger.

8cm x 7cm
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Handpainted Duck Shaped Jug or Sauce Boat - Wood, Burslem

Charming, small creamer or sauce boat shaped like a duck and handpainted. It's by Wood of Burslem and probably dates from between 1982 & 2005. It's in excellent condition.

15cm x 8cm x 6.5cm
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Studio Pottery Sugar Bowl - Moorland - Sheep Design - Caroline Smith, Abbot Pottery

Beautiful slip decorated sugar bowl by Caroline Smith of the Abbot Pottery, Newton Abbot Devon. It's in her hugely popular and highly collectable Moorland (or "sheep") design, this example dating from pre 1995 if the telephone number on the label is anything to go by! Some crazing but otherwise perfect.
9cm x 6cm
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Large Stoneware Coffee Pot

Large and quite heavy stoneware coffee pot in typical studio pottery style. Wide and confortable strap handle but a lid that will need holding on. Leaf design both sides. Unmarked and in excellent condition.

22cm x 17cm
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Vintage Green Sugar Bowl - Poole

I'm a little confused by this Poole open sugar bowl. I've not really been able to pin down the  colourway; it's Twintone style but the colours don't quite match anything in the Twintone range as far as I can see, being a sage green and plain white (the colour is quite close to the general picture here, not the close up). 1967-72 mark. It's in excellent condition.
6.5cm x 10cm
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Studio Pottery Chalice Style Goblet

Single small chalice style goblet in a salt glaze type finish. It's unmarked but is in excellent condition

14cm x 8.5cm (d)
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Vintage Handpainted Saucer - Jersey Pottery

Small handpainted saucer, perhaps from a sauce jug. Dark green ring on an off-white background. Will fit an item with a 4.5cm diameter base.  Slightly crazed but otherwise in very good condition.

10.5cm diameter

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Yellow Azalea Sugar Bowl - British Anchor

Yellow sugar bowl with hessian textured surface and floral relief pattern by British Anchor Pottery. The pattern name is Azalea. Unable to age it accurately - it could be pre- or post WW2 but however old it is it's in excellent condition.  
10cm (6) x 6.5cm

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Vintage Brown Wash Milk Jug - Prinknash

Very nice looking jug in brown and cream wash from the Prinknash Abbey Pottery. Typical Prinknash style pinched spout but with interesting grooves around the middle. In excellent condition.

11cm x 8cm
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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Vintage Small Log Effect Bowl or Planter - Vitry Ware

Small log-shaped Vitry Ware stoneware planter in wood effect finish. Unsure of the age, could be 1930s onwards but it is in excellent condition.

This item is now available on my Etsy page, Crocksandpots

11cm x 7cm x 8cm

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Vintage Small Gold Lustre Ware Jug - Gibsons

Gold lustre ware milk jug with white pattern by Gibsons. 1950s style backstamp but jug very clean and apart from some minor wear around the rim is in very good condition.
10.5cm x 7cm
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Large Drip Glaze Jug - Mount Pleasant Pottery, Staffs

Pleasant large water jug in a brown drip glaze over a white ground. It has a turned over spout, I think a feature of this pottery - I seem to remember offering something similar recently. To be fair, I can find very little about the pottery - Mount Pleasant is an area of Fenton and had many works so a search is a bit of a jumble. It's still got the original foil label so is of relatively recent vintage despite being crazed on the inside. 

16cm x 13cm
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Monday, 27 October 2014

Vintage Hand Painted Sunbuff Teacup - Gray's Pottery

Teacup in the classic "Sunbuff" pattern by Gray's Pottery. Handpainted with green and beige lines and a floral transfer on the inside. Dates to between 1935 & 45 although favourite would be pre-war owing to restrictions on the use of colour during wartime. Crazed but clean. Very delicate and always feel on the point of falling apart but seems robust enough!

7cm x 10.5cm (d)

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Vintage Leaf Pattern Sandwich Platter - Axe Vale Pottery, Devon

Ornate sandwich platter by Axe Vale Pottery of Devon. Cream coloureale, 
25cm x 16cm

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Vintage Stoneware Dripping Jar - Pearson's of Chesterfield

Small beige stoneware kitchen storage dripping jar. Grooved around the rim for a wax cover, no lid. Pearson's ceased production in 1994 so their wares are becoming more difficult to find in good condition. This however is in a fine state.

9cm x 8.5cm

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Handmade Studio Pottery Jug - Taurus Studio

Neat little green-brown earthenware jug by the "Taurus Studio" of Weston Park. I'm not sure where Weston Park is though and while I can find several ventures with Taurus in the name I can't find this! It may be Stoke on Trent as it's nearby to where I sourced this but it could be anywhere. It is labelled but not marked and in excellent condition.
7.5cm x 10cm 

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Vintage Ivory Ware Cream Jug - Woods

Small blue, black and silver ringed cream jug in the from the Ivory Ware range of the 1930s onwards. In exceptionally good condition 

11.5cm x 6.5cm

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Vintage Green Preserve Pot Poole Pottery

Simple green (not sure of the colour - tourquoise?) preserve pot from Poole Pottery. The backstamp dates it to between 1967 and 1972 but I'm not sure of the design. I suspect it may have had a lid at one time and that would have helped nail it down. It's in excellent condition.

7.3cm (h) x 6.8cm
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ceramic Bear Honey Pot - Collectable


Unmarked caramel coloured novelty honey pot in the shape of a sitting bear. It's not notched and there's no dipper but there's enough room in the head/lid for a one to stand up. In very good condition although there's a small rough unglazed spot where a sliver of glaze may have chipped off - left side of lid on the corner of the scarf.
13cm x 10cm
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Vintage German Single Stem Red & Gold Bud Vase - Retro


Slender bud vase in gold edged dark red that graduates to almost black around the lip and foot. The interior is white.The foot and edge are decorated with gold, the line around the edge being slightly worn through use. No makers mark although it is  impressed "Germany" and "52/17" on the base,17 being the height in cm. I think it's more 1960s or 70s (Some German potters did not mark "W" or "West" during the partition). Apart from the wear to the gilding it's in excellent condition.

16cm x 5.5cm

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Braemar Milk Jug - Royal Doulton TC 1209

Milk jug from the Doulton Everyday range in the Braemar pattern. Doulton claimed this range was chip resistant and indeed, this is dated 1995 and is still in excellent condition.  8.5cm (h) x 13.5cm

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Antique Blue & White Ancient Ruins Dinner Plate - Ashworth


Blue and white ironstone dinner plate by Ashworth in the Ancient Ruins design. It is impressed with the Crown mark and you can just about make out the word "Ashworth" beneath it. It is also impressed 6197. The orange script pattern number is B8702 which I think dates it to around 1897. It has a gilded edge which is slightly worn in a couple of places but still largely intact, I think because it has been on display - there are a couple of small rust marks on the footring from one of those awful sprung metal clips. It is also crazed but not to the point of distraction. note - the truer colour is the darker blue as displayed in the close up pictures.

Diameter: 23.5cm

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Resin Statuette of Native Woman


Black resin statuette of a semi naked lady of unknown ethnicity wearing stylised tribal headress and skirt, sitting on a rock staring demurely into the distance and holding a large pot. Her headress and skirt are dark red and she has brass coloured rings around her neck. There is a very small chip, more a flake, on her right cheek but it's not immediately visible and could be masked with care. Otherwise she's in very good condition.

24cm x 15cm

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Large Studio Pottery Stoneware Candle Holder

Quite wide and heavy stoneware candle holder in a studio pottery style. There is a mark on the base of the foot but it's unidentifiable. Will fit a thicker than average candle, about 3.5cm thick. In excellent condition although it has been used and there may be some wax residue.
10cm x 6cm 

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Braemar Sugar Bowl - Royal Doulton TC 1209

Lidded sugar bowl from the Doulton Everyday range in the Braemar pattern. Doulton claimed this range was chip resistant and indeed, this is dated 1995 and is still in excellent condition.  10cm (h) x 10.5cm

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Vintage Small Handpainted Green and Yellow Bowl - Portmadoc Pottery


Stunning little bowl by Portmadoc (Porthmadog) Pottery in Wales. Details of the pottery are sketchy but they are believed to have operated from the 1970s until the 1990s. This is fairly typical of their output, quite delicate and light with drip glazes. It is unsigned but the backstamp and base are both pristine. The inside bottom is a little crackled but otherwise it's bright and in excellent condition.

13cm x 3cm

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Vintage Stoneware Studio Pottery Goblet - Laugharne, Wales

Single stoneware chalice type goblet by Laugharne Pottery of Wales. Grey stem and base, beige speckled cup with three mushroom typ motifs. In excellent condition.

15cm x 7.5cm (d)

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Miniature Vintage Radio Teapot - Paul Cardew


Miniature model teapot in the shape of a vintage radio by Cardew. Cardew signature in gold on the front, Cardew Design logo on rear. In perfect condition. NOTE: MINIATURE 
4.5cm x 6cm x 2.5cm
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Vintage Small Stoneware Storage or Dripping Jar - Pearson's of Chesterfield

Small dark brown stoneware kitchen storage or dripping jar. Pearson's ceased production in 1994 so their wares are becoming more difficult to find in good condition. This however is in a fine state.

9.5cm x 9cm

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Beautiful Wooden Marquetry or Intarsia Picture - Notturno Intarsio, Italy

Beautiful wooden marquetry or inlaid wood intarsia picture of some flowers on a background of what could be burr walnut. It is by Notturno Intarsio of Sorrento, Italy and still has the original foil label plus an old price tag. It is in excellent condition although there are a couple of very slight scuff marks to the veneer where it is shamfered but they are barely noticeable and in all other respects it's in excellent condition. Two hooks on the back.
26cm x 15cm

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Small Personalised Pot or Eggcup - "David"

Small souvenir type pot, eggcup or paper clip tidy, personalised for "David". There is a mark on the base in green but it can't be made out - it's possibly Devon ware of one sort. Apart from some crazing it's in very good condition.
5.5cm (d) x 5cm

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Vintage Handpainted Greenwheat Dinner Plate - Albert Colledge - Denby

Large dinner plate in the iconic hand painted "Greenwheat" pattern. This design on some china replacements sites has been wrongly attributed to Glyn Colledge whereas it was the work of his father, Albert, in the mid 1950s. Indeed, the plate bears the signature of Albert Colledge. Greenwheat was produced from 1956 until 1977 so this item is at least 37 years old. It is in excellent condition with only the faintest of marks.
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Vintage Retro Swedish Sven Jonson Designed Facett Posy Vase - Gustavsberg


Lovely small oval shaped posy vase from the "Facett" range by Gustavsberg of Sweden. Designed by the late Sven Jonson (1919 -1989). It's in a brown glaze with a silver and gold painted floral relief design. Marked on the base with Facett 6 and with the original Sven Jonson foil label. In excellent condition.

Height of bowl: 6.7cm x 4cm x 4.5cm

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Vintage Large Black Tankard Mug - Prinknash

Splendid large bulbous tankard-sized mug in a black glaze that is crackled faintly on the inside. Thumb rest style handle. In very good condition with only very mild age-related wear.

12.5cm (h) x 13cm (incl handle) 

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Vintage Collectable Dickens Ware Bowl - Sam Weller - Royal Doulton

Late era colourway Dickens Ware bowl featuring Sam Weller from The Pickwick Papers. This particular version dates from the 1950s and is in excellent condition.

13cm x 2.5cm

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Set of 5 Beakers with Impressed Dragon and Landscape Design


Marvellous set of 5 beakers in blue and aqua marine featuring a design of a dragon overflying some hills and the sea. One hill has a house atop it, another a flag pole and there are fish swimming in the sea. The  image is impressed with a variety of shapes but is pretty much identical on each beaker. They are marked on the base with a kite shaped mark, possibly a C on a V. I have been unable to trace this so would be grateful for any information. They are rather nice, regardless and all in excellent condition. Please read the postage information.

10cm x 7.5cm (h)
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Small Wood Effect Bowl or Planter - Vitry Ware


Small Vitry Ware planter or bowl (dog's bowl?) in wood effect finish, in much the same fashion as that used by Moira for the Hillstonia range. I am unsure of the date - many have put these as 1930s but the backstamp is slightly different so I am guessing this one is later. Apart from the water stain on the inside it's in fine condition.

12cm x 6.5cm

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Vintage Small Rose Elegant Plate - Royal Doulton

Small petit four plate from the Rose Elegans range, discontinued in 1981, by Royal Doulton. It does not have the blue band but does have an intact gold edge. There are two very short scratches, about 5mm long, one barely visible, the other across one of the leaves on the large rose head. This one has cut through the glaze and is visible. In all other respects the plate looks fine.


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Vintage Hand Painted Salt and Pepper Pots - CP Pattern E.Radford


This is a pair of hand painted white salt and pepper pots by E. Radford in the CP pattern. The decorators' marks are salt: Z or N and pepper: D. They are in excellent condition although they both lack bungs.
11cm x 5.5cm

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Souvenir Studio Pottery Stoneware Mug with Wolverhampton Crest

Sturdy stoneware mug featuring in relief the arms or crest of the city of Wolverhampton. In excellent condition, a great gift for your favourite proud Wulfrunian.  

8.5cm x 12cm diameter(incl handle)

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Hand Carved Wooden Lidded Jar

Small wooden lidded pot, made from what is probably sheesham wood and with a hand carved floral band around the middle. The lid is also engraved with a star design. The lid fits well and apart from the odd water drip stain it's in very good condition. Measurements are approximate:13cm x 7cm base

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Large Hand Carved Wooden Crocodile


Rather splendid crocodile, handcarved  from a single piece of wood. The head and legs have been beautifully cross hatched, the back is ridged and the teetch are individually inserted spikes. It's a nice piece of work and would make a great ornament.

33cm x 14cm x 10cm

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Small Caramel Coloured Bud Vase - Devon?

Small caramel coloured vase with brown rings. It has a trumpet neck on a spherical base and is marked Made in England on the base. It has the look of Devon or Torquay ware, possibly Brixham. Either way, it's a nice looking little thing with only some age related crazing.
10cm x 6cm
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Hand Painted Miniature Salt & Pepper Shakers in Basket

Charming little pair of foreign made salt & pepper shakers, each a small ball shaped bunch of flowers that sit in a flower basket. They are very similar in style to a Carlton Ware design. Still have a small cork stopper in each base and appear to be unused. Very nice little set.

9cm x 6cm x 5cm

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Vintage John Cuffley Designed Libra "Zodiac" Mug - Portmeirion

Vintage black mug from the John Cuffley designed Zodiac range. This one is "Libra", with the scales on one side and a long character description on the other, both in gold. In excellent condition - it looks unused, to be fair. There's a small flake missing on the foot ring but colour ingress over part of it suggests this was prior to glazing and not recent damage. 
10cm x 12cm (incl handle)

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vintage Planter With Mythical Scene Border. And Dolphins - SylvaC 4612

1950s vintage caramel coloured planter with mythical border featuring dolphins supporting some scantily clad young ladies and a chap blowing a horn. The bulging base features stylised acanthus leaves and oval patterns. Lovely retro piece in excellent general condition bar a little bit of faint crazing.
12.5cm x 14cm

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