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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Brown Wheat Garland Jug - Arthur Wood

Mid sized fluted pitcher shaped fluted jug by Arthur Wood. It's a treacle glaze and has a garland of wheat around the neck. Unfortunately it has a hairline crack across the base, and annoyingly something I've just noticed while writing this description. It runs from just to the left of the "E" in England to the last "R" in Arthur and about halfway up the "E" side. Unfortunately it does leak but it would look good as a dried flower vase. 
16cm (h) x 13cm

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Hand Painted Golf Themed Novelty Earthenware Egg Cup

For the golf nut in your life - a hand painted egg cup featuring  a golf bag, ball and flag. In excellent condition and possibly unused.
6.5cm x 6cm max dia 

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Vintage Pennine Cereal Bowl - Wedgwood

Brown cereal or dessert from the Pennine range designed by Eric Owen. There is a small firing mark in the rim but otherwise it's in very good condition.
13cm x 5cm
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Vintage Treacle Glazed Semi Porcelain Tankard w/ Hunting Scenes - Ridgways

Small treacle glazed tankard shaped mug with silvered rim and handle. It features two hunting scenes and the backstamp is the Bow and Quiver design that was used for many decades. The tankard design though was popular in the 1950s and 60s. This is in pretty good condition apart from some crazing a light wear on the silvering around the rim.

10cm x 10cm
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Studio Pottery Bon Bon Dish

Nice bon-bon dish in a studio pottery style with tenmoku style yellowish glaze overbrown and a swirled incised line below the rim. It's marked on the foot "L.GK" but I can't identify this  The flat base is slightly off-centre and the foot ring has been ground flat plus there's a little firing crack in the rim but otherwise it's a nice piece.

14.5cm x 4.5cm

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Vintage White Milk Jug - Royal Doulton

A Royal Doulton milk jug in cream/off white with leaf shaped handle joints and four flutes. It has the "A" backstamp which should date it to somewhere between 1939 & 1955 and there is a further impressed "48" on the base. There is a small chip on the front of the footring, annoying as otherwise it's more or less faultless with only the faintest of marks visible. 

9cm x 9cm

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Stoneware Storage Jar or Planter - Wilan Pottery

Stoneware pot or planter by Allan and John Hughes' Wilan Pottery of Denbighshire. From the early 80s the pottery became the Anvil Pottery trading from Llanrhaeadr near Ruthin and as far as I know is still going. In perfect condition.
8.5cm x 11cm (d)

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Antique/Vintage Flow Blue Abbey Tea/Hot Water Pot - George Jones & Sons

Flow blue tea or hot water pot in the Abbey pattern by George Jones & Sons. The backstamp dates this to between 1901 and 1921. It does have a few cracks and a chip to the inside rim so I would not advise using it unless with great care but it does feel quite sound and will look good ornamentally or as a collection filler.
16cm x 13cm (d)

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Vintage Handpainted Oldcourt Ware Lustre Ware Vase - J. Fryer

Handpainted colour lustre vase with gold lining from the Oldcourt Ware range by J. Fryer. I'm not sure of the shape but the pattern is of apples and berries with leaves, all outlined in gold. A little wear to to the rim and some crazing but otherwise in great condition.

19cm x 8cm
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Vintage Plant Pot and Matching Saucer - Dragon Pottery?


Matching plant pot and saucer set that is unmarked but is white earthenware and has a colourway and sgraffito pattern very reminiscent of those of the Dragon Pottery of Rhayader. Dragon, along with a few other potteries, also made ware marked for Dee Cee of the Midlands in the 1960s so it's entirely possible this could be one of theirs but I would be quite confident of the Dragon origin. The pot is a little stained and the saucer mildly crazed in the centre but it's still a fine looking piece

All measurements approx:
8cm high, 12.5cm wide pot diameter
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Antique or Vintage Crooked Clear Glass Bottle

Unusual vintage clear glass bottle. The neck is slightly crooked and the whole thing slopes at an angle of around 5°. I'm not entirely certain this is deliberate, it has the diagonal lines one sees on many moulded bottles but on this they are a bit wobbly!  However I am not an expert on glassware and while I've not been able to spot anything similar I am more than willing to be corrected. In very good condition with only original marks. 

14cm x 10m

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Vintage Green & Orange Side Plate - Crown Ducal

Side plate by Crown Ducal in shades of green on cream with a single orange band.I'm not sure of the pattern name but the backstamp dates it to 1940s-1950s. One or two tiny marks but in great condition otherwise.


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Bell Shaped Studio Pottery Vase

Very pretty bell shaped vase in purple shades and blue with impressed marks in a random pattern. It has a mark on the base, incised in cursive script that looks like it begins with a Q or a stylised R but it's difficult to really work it out. Lovely item though and great condition (apart from some wax residue, I think it may have been used as a candleholder)

13cm x 9cm 

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Brown Glazed Ceramic Seal

Very nice looking seal or sealion in a brown glaze that's lighter on the top surfaces than the extremities. The only detail are the two eyes, otherwise it's featureless. No maker's name either but in fine condition and an ideal addition to a collection

15cm x 10cm x 7cm
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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Vintage Small Beaker - York Rose Pottery

Small beaker or goblet by York Rose Pottery. Trademark Yorkshire Rose sprig near the base, which is crimped. There is a surface chip to one of the crimped edges but otherwise it's in very good condition.   

7.5cm x 8.5cm (d)

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Vintage Caramel & Gold Jug - Lord Nelson Pottery

Small jug in caramel glaze with gold handle, spout and banding. It's by Lord Nelson Ware and is dated 12-74 on the base.  A little bit crazed but otherwise in great condition.
11cm x 9cm (across handle)
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Large Brown Honeycombe Vase MFA 2 - Melba Ware, HA Wain

Large long necked vase by Melba Ware. It's in treacle brown with a honeycomb drip glaze down the slightly trumpet shaped neck. Marked Melba Ware (Fine Art Division) MFA 2 the base,itis infine condition, the only smallchip being on the foot ring and original as it looks to have been glazed.
23cm x 15cm diameter

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Small Handpainted Studio Pottery Bowl

Nice red earthenware bowl or ashtray in yellow glaze with handpainted grass detail. It is marke don the base with what appears to be a vase or flask containing an inverted 5, a mark I've not been able to identify. Apart from some crazing it's in excellent condition.

10cm x 4cm

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Pair of Studio Pottery Stoneware Goblets

Pair of beautiful handthrown stoneware goblets. They have a mark on the foot but I haven't been able to identify the pottery unfortunately. They're in excellent condition though.
9cm x 12cm 

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Vintage Small Blue & White Sprigged Cup - Gibsons

Small earthenware cup with blue glaze exterior and white sprigged classical scenes in the style of Wedgwood Blue Jasper. Dtestamp for 1950s. In excellent condition.
5.5cm x 9.5cm

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Large Studio Pottery Stoneware Jug

Rather intriguing looking stoneware jug, the shape of which is quite reminiscent of a bottle kiln. It has an unusual spout attached below the top and a large comfortable handle. There does appear to be a mark at the base of the handle but it is completely illegible unfortunately. If anyone is familiar with the shape and knows the potter - contact me! Nice looking piece in excellent condition.

15.5cm x 17cm across handle 

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Blue Airbus Carabiner Keyring - With Packaging

Original metalic blue carabiner type keyring produced by Airbus. It comes with the original black envelope, although obviously this has been opened and three rings. There is a mark near the clip but close examination suggests this isn't a scratch rather an area that escaped being coated and otherwise the ring is in excellent condition.

10cm x 10cm (packet)

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Vintage "Buckingham" Sauce Boat - Woods Ivory Ware

Ivory Ware sauce boat in the Buckingham pattern by Woods. 1930+ backstamp and in good condition with only some minor fading to the gilding and a couple of small marks that may well remove with a little effort. 

19cm x 8cm (h) x 10cm

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Green and Gold Bistro Ware Teapot - Apilco

From the classic Bistro Ware range by Apilco of France, this is a small tall teapot in green with gold lining. It is used but there are hardly any marks on it and it is very clean inside. Apilco Bistro Ware is extremely hard wearing and there are years of use left in this while it retains its good looks.
16cm x 16cm 

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Vintage Terracotta & Brown Royal Barum Ware Lidded Bowl - CH Brannam

Small terracotta Royal Barum Ware bowl with very heavy brown glazed lid (lid is heavier than the bowl) by CH Brannam of Barnstaple. Some surface marks on the unglazed areas but otherwise fine.

12cm (d) x 7cm

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