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Monday, 23 February 2015

Large and Heavy Wooden Vase or Planter


Large wooden vase or planter, hand turned by I would imagine a hobbyist, despite the old label on the base (the address no longer exists, the site is now occupied by a health centre). The bowl is impressively heavy as in fact it's almost solid, the inside having only been hollowed out by the width of the internal neck diameter (approx 6.5cm and 9cm deep, as opposed to the 13cm total height. The neck is well turned and fairly smooth, the body rather less so although the shape is pleasing to the eye. There are a couple of cracks on one side but they don't appear too serious although one does extend a couple of inches into the body. In some respects it is unfinished and would I think suit another hobbyist or turner as there is plenty of wood left to work. I'm not sure of the timber - possibly oak.

13cm x 17cm (d)

View here for further information.

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