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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Vintage Fauna 106 Lamb & Rabbit Planter - Hornsea

Just a few more hours to bid on this superb vintage planter from Hornsea with a lamb and rabbit by a log. It's the No 106 mould and the backstamp is the 1955-56 version. It is in pretty near perfect condition.

24cm x 12cm x 9cm

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Vintage Cottage Ware Side Plate - Price & Kensington

Hand decorated "Cottage Ware" side plate by Price & Kensington. Crazy paving texture around the rim with green and purple bushes. It is crazed but in otherwise very good condition. It is stamped with the Price and Kensington mark (Post 1962, I think) and the reg'd no of 845007.

18cm diameter

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Small Estonian Art Pottery Vase

Beautiful small squashed cylinder vase from Estonia with blue impressed and sgraffito flowers on a green and yellow sunburst ground. The inside is a greenish blue.  It is signed but I'm not really able to decipher much apart from Tallinn and 1997. Very striking and in perfect condition. 9.5cm x 7cm x 6cm

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Vintage Large Copper Lustre Albert Hallam Jug 1553-1 - Beswick

Vintage 1950s Albert Hallam designed jug in copper lustre on black. Largest size of the series, conical in shape with a sloping spout. It has the pattern number 1553-1, the 1 being the size. It's in pretty good condition with only a little bit of wear to the lustre around the base and spout. There are also a few little paint spatters but these do pick off fairly easily and most are now gone.

Dimensions: 17.3cm x 15cm
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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Small Japanese Inspired Studio Pottery Trinket Box


Move fast - this already has a bid!

Lovely round lidded trinket box in a tenmoku style glaze on coarse earthenware.There is a faint flower design on the lid. It is unmarked but in excellent condition.
5.2cm (d) x 4.2cm

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Set of 5 Vintage Small Etched Liqueur Glasses

Very nice set of five crystal brandy or liqueur glasses. Although vaguely brandy balloon shaped they are quite small and the stem is non-existent, however they are etched with bunches of grapes so one would think for a grape based drink such as brandy. They are foreign made - at least one is labelled as such - and ring like crystal. I think they are also in their original wrapping, which is a multi layered gold coloured plastic tissue, the kid of which I've never seen before. All in excellent condition. 
8.5cm x 6.5cm max diameter

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Square Pin Dish with Highland Cow Design - Highbank Porcelain, Lochgilphead


Superb square porcelain pin dish with misty highland cow design by Highbank Porcelain of Lochgilphead, Scotland. It has the stylised tree design impressed backstamp and is in excellent condition.
10.5cm x 10.5cm

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Vintage Three Piece Cruet Set & Tray - Fosters of Cornwall

Salt & pepper shakers and oil/vinegar bottle with matching tray by Fosters of Redruth in their familiar brown and white honeycomb glaze. The tray is marked with the Foster's name and I have sold similar items in the past with the original labels so the cruet is the original set. Unfortunately the pepper pot is cracked and while it is entire at the moment it probably will not survive long. They are not uncommon though and a replacement should be easy to source. The stopper is in good condition so should you find one without, you have a replacement! I may even have one in stock so please feel free to check my shop and combine if you wish.

Pourer: 12cm x 10cm
Pots: 11cm x 6cm
Tray: 22cm x 16cm

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Miniature Collectable Art of Chokin Dolphin Plate

Highly collectable miniature porcelain plate with a metal disc in the centre engraved in the Chokin style with a picture of leaping dolphins. The plate is edged in 24ct gold. In excellent condition.

Diameter: 10.2cm

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Square Pin Dish with Thistle Design - Highbank Porcelain, Lochgilphead


Superb square porcelain pin dish with misty thistle design by Highbank Porcelain of Lochgilphead, Scotland. It has the stylised tree design impressed backstamp and is in excellent condition.
10.5cm x 10.5cm

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Novelty Heart Shaped Teapot with Somerset Cottage Design - Lingard


Fairly large vintage heart shaped teapot with a picture of a Somerset Cottage on one side. The lid has a gilded key as a handle and the rest of the body is decorated with gilded flowers and hand painted gold lines on the handle and spout. It's impressed "Made in England" on the base and a T2 decorator's mark. I believe it's by Lingard  which would date it to pre-1972. The lid is a little crazed and there is a small original mark on the rim and a little staining inside as it has been used. Otherwise it's in very good condition.

25cm x 13cm x 9.5cm

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Set of 5 Vintage Small Coloured Lustre Glass Beakers

Really nice set of 5 small coloured ribbed glass beakers with hand applied gold lining around the bases. There are two blues, two pinks/cranberry and a yellow, all with a splendid petrol lustre. They are, in fact, quite beautiful. I have no idea of the age but I do remember my Grandma having some similar ones, albeit larger, when I was a toddler and I'm increasingly on the wrong side of my half-century.
8.5cm x 6cm diameter across top

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Vintage Large Gold Lustre "Vine" Bowl - Crown Devon - Fieldings 1443


Large leaf shaped bowl in the Vine pattern by Crown Devon. Standard gold coloured backstamp used from 1930s but this item probably 1960s/70s. A few small marks in the gildingand one graze down a rib, although this hasn't penetrated through the glaze. Overall in very good condition and polishes up nicely.25cm x 25cm x 7cm

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Vintage Handpainted Reynard Dessert Bowl - Rare Crown Devon - Fieldings

Very similar in design to the outrageously popular "Stockholm", this is a cereal or dessert bowl in the much rarer "Reynard" pattern. This features a red fox stalking a pheasant through the snow around the inside of the bowl. Both images are handpainted and as such, may differ slightly from the picture. As in Stockholm, there is a red handpainted edging. It is a wonderful design. There are some light surface marks from stacking but otherwise condition is very good.
14.5cm x 13.5cm x 5cm

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Vintage Log Effect Mug - Wade

Very robust treacle glazed log effect mug by Wade England. It is very heavy (490g on its own) and quite thick and the backstamp I think dates it to around the early 1950s. In excellent condition.  

11cm x 12cm (incl handle)

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Vintage Handpainted Shell Shaped Ashtray or Small Dish - E. Radford

Vintage ashtray or small dish by E. Radford. Vaguely shell-shaped with scalloped sides, higher at one end, and the dips in the scalloping easily being used as rests. Painted in a brown abstract pattern that does not appear to have a name. In excellent condition.
14cm x 11cm x 4cm max height

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Small Studio Pottery Pin Tray - Japanese?

Beautiful square pin tray from featuring a leaf motif. It is beautifully made, very Japanese in look and feel with a tenmoku style glaze.  Indeed there is a small mark on the underside of one corner that looks to be a Japanese character but I can't make it out clearly. It is in excellent condition.
7.5cm x 7.5cm

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hand Decorated Marmalade Pot

Very nice marmalade pot, hand painted with reddish brown and brown streaks around the pot and the slotted lid with "Marmalade" written diagonally across one side. Unusually, for marmalade, the lid has a bee shaped finial - something you'd associate more with honey, I guess, but who's complaining. There is a large "A" on the base but no other mark. It has elements of Babbacombe/Toni Raymond but could just as easily be foreign. In excellent condition.
12cm x 9.5cm
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Pair Vintage Salt & Pepper Pots with Gold Detail

A pair of salt and pepper pots with a plum and peach design and gold detailing around the top. No mark but they appear to be a few years old - the bung in each base is a small cork (the originals having fallen inside) and some of the gilding around the hole in the salt pot has gone but they are generally in very good condition.
10cm x 4cm

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Vintage Art Deco Tulip Side Plate - Morley Fox


Squared side plate by Morley Fox in ivory with tulip design and handpainted green edging. The company operated until 1944, the backstamp for this, the stylised MF monogram in a vase, was used from 1906 onwards. It is in very good condition for its age with a few small original surface marks (possibly a second) and some mild colour loss on the green edging. There is a small surface chip in the edging, no deeper than the glaze, on one corner.

14cm x 14cm

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pair of Large Stoneware Goblets

A pair of very large and distinctive stoneware goblets with conical bowls and feet. Grey speckled glaze with greenish leaves and banding as decoration. They are not stamped or marked but are in excellent condition.
19cm x 9.5cm (d)

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Antique Spirit Glass & Travelling Case with Miniature

Plain hand blown spirit beaker with red Morocco leather covered board travelling case. The lid bears a coloured miniature print of an unknown young woman mounted under a celluloid or similar cover.   The base has been labelled in black ink with a 2 indicating that this may have been part of a collection. I have a couple more similarly labelled. I would guess from the style of the label and general condition this is late Victorian or Edwardian

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Small Stoneware Dish 210 M2/21 - Buchan

Lovely small handpainted stoneware dish or pin tray. I'm not sure of the pattern, it appears to be oak leaves with blue and red flowers. The mark on the base is the standard Buchan Portobello Thistle mark with 210 M2/21. In excellent condition.
11.5cm (d) x 2cm
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pair of "Astley" Egg Coddlers - Royal Worcester


Unboxed pair of Royal Worcester single size egg coddlers in the Astley pattern. I suspect they have been used but they are in extremely good condition with only the tiniest of marks on the lids. Each coddler approx 6.5cm to the rim plus lid (8.5cm total).

8.5cm x 5.5cm

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Vintage Victorian Violets Soap or Bon Bon Dish - Hammersley


Just a few more hours left to get this pointed oval shaped small dish with gold detailing from the ever-popular "Victorian Violets" range by Hammersley. Use as a soap dish or bon bon dish on the table. In excellent condition.

15cm x 11cm

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Antique Sugar Bowl and Jug Set - Diamond China - B.P. Co Ltd

This listing is primarily for the sugar bowl, an ivory bone china bowl with hand decorated transfer print and gold detailing. It is from the Diamond China range by Blyth Porcelain Co Ltd of Longton. It comes with a small milk jug or creamer, in the same pattern but with an older version of the mark, dating from between 1905 and 1913. The bowl is very good condition indeed with only a little age related wear. The jug however has suffered a breakage and been repaired (see photo).  To be fair, the break was clean and while the repair could be a little neater it looks to be quite old and the jug kept in use, so obviously a well loved piece. With great care it could be restored but from the outside the repair doesn't really show as the cracks are within the pattern.

Bowl: 9cm x 5cm
Jug: 8cm x 8cm

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Vintage French Stoneware Gobletnn- Grès Village CNP

Stylish tan coloured conical stoneware goblet by Grès Village CNP. Probably dates from the 1970s and is in excellent condition.
11cm x 5.5cm
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Small Studio Pottery Milk Jug Philip Gardiner - Mevagissey


Small light blue milk jug from Philip Gardiner's pottery in Mevagissey, Cornwall. Pale blue glaze with a drip glaze from the rim and top of the handle. In excellent condition.

8.5cm (h) x 10cm

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pair of Blue Art Nouveau Inspired Vases - Shirley Ware


I have no idea about these at all. A search on Shirley Ware yields nothing bar a picture of a similar vase and nothing about the company. Possibly English, probably mass produced. Certainly the gilding is hand applied but the roses are transfers. They are graduated blue with pink decoration and art nouveau influences around the neck and handles. They do have a certain charm and while the finish is a little careless in places they are not chipped or cracked. Would make ideal theatrical props.  

19cm x 10cm each

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Vintage "Country Mug" - Tremar Cornwall


Only a few more hourse to bid on this highly collectable and popular vintage stoneware mug by Tremar of Cornwall. It's marked "Country Mug" with a relief of some plants. In typical trmar colours and in excellent condition.
10.5 (h)cm x 11cm
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Vintage Bakelite Cosmetic Pot Li Lo - 672


Just a few more hours to bid on this - it has three bids already!

Pale green screw top pot, probably used to store cosmetic cream or similar. It is marked on the base "A Li Lo Product Made in Gt Britain 672" The 672 shape was produced in different colours. This one appears to have been hand painted with a painted picture of a small bunch of flowers and some different coloured strokes around the edge.  Probably pre WWII and apart from the painting is in pretty good condition.

5cm x 9cm

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Antique Spirit Glass & Leather Travelling Case


Engraved spirit glass in red Morocco leather covered board travelling or hunting case. The glass has a heavy base, is possibly hand blown with a few bubbles and has a band of engraved circles under the rim. The case is two piece board with a Morocco leather covering. This is worn around the edge of the base but the rest is in pretty good condition.
Glass: 7cm x 5cm
Case: 7.6cm x 5.8cm

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Vintage - Antique Stoneware Cream Pot - Birmingham Dairy Co Ltd.


Small two-handled stoneware jar, stamped on the base "Birmingham Dairy Company Limited". I would imagine from the size it's probably for cream but that's guesswork, as is its age as BDC Ltd ran from 1881 and was dissolved in 2005 and apart from these dates there is little information. It is though in good condition with no chips or stains.
9.3cm (h) x 11cm

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Vintage Small Gold Lustre Creamer - Prinknash

Small cream jug by Prinknash pottery in gold lustre crackle glaze.

Measurements: 7cm (h) x 9cm across handle

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Small Wooden Lidded Pot or Trinket Box

Very small egg-shaped trinket box or lidded pot in a reasonably hard wood. Nice little object in very good condition with only a little wear around the base.

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Vintage French Terrine/Foie Gras Crock Terrine Brevete - Simplex No 14


Vintage or possibly antique stoneware terrine jar by Simplex, "Terrine Brevete CDC, Simplex, Sarreguemines 14". Ivory coloured with a floral finial on the lid and two lion head handles. t has a couple of small chips to the glaze around the inside edge but is in pretty good condition otherwise.
10cm x 8cm
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Set of 6 Retro East German Plastic Storage Jars

None of your running dog capitalist lacky consumerist sophistry here.  These are exceedingly 1970s and the height of East German functionality with just a hint of decoration to appeal to the western passion for irrelevant adornment. These are plain buff coloured plastic cylinders, capacity 180ml, with brown, not quite loosely fitting lids. They are labelled, in brown, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Cinnamon and Curry. Well, it was the 70s and who'd ever heard of cumin or garam masala. They look and smell unused (You can imagine, can't you: "What do I want with that foreign stuff?") and the only marks are from where the mouldings have been cut away from the sprigs (yes, that is water on the picture of the base). They would make a fine retro gift for your local Politburo committee member.

10.5cm x 5.5cm

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Vintage Swedish Stoneware Hanging Plate - Gille - Höganäs


Beautiful retro plate in the Gille range from Swedish maker, Höganäs. Quite heavy, two holes drilled in the foot ring on the base. In excellent condition.

27cm diameter 

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Vintage Ivory Coloured Jug - Purbeck Ceramics

Mid-sized ivory coloured milk jug with floral motif by Purbeck Ceramics of Swanage. There are a couple of smudges here and there but these will probably remove and otherwise the jug is in excellent condition.

8.8cm x 12cm

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Mid Sized Planter - Moira Pottery - Hillstonia

Wonderful vintage mid-sized planter from the Hillstonia range by the Moira Pottery. The planter is conical with diagonal lines on the rim and considering the pottery closed in the early 70s it is in nigh on immaculate condition. I suspect it has never been used.

16.5cm x 8.5cm
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Small Ivory Coloured Posy Basket - Purbeck Ceramics

Small ivory coloured posy basket with floral motif by Purbeck Ceramics of Swanage. A couple of small marks on the handle but by and large in excellent condition.

9.5cm x 7.5cm

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John Putnam Heritage House - Derbyshire Cottage


Miniature model from John Putnam's Heritage House collection. This one, I think as the stamp isn't too clear, is the Derbyshire Cottages. Sadly, John Putnam has recently passed away so these are now even more collectable. There is a small rough area from a knock on the "arch" gable end ridge tile but this is barely noticeable and can be felt more than seen. Otherwise it's in extremely good condition.

14cm x 7cm x 4cm

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Vintage Multi Coloured Marbled Window Vase - A529 Shape Crown Devon

Fantastic two-handled window vase  (A529 shape) in a subdued multi coloured marbled effect with yellow being the dominant colour. The backstamp on the base is barely visible but it is the standard semi-circular one in use from around 1939. The style and colouring of this suggest any time from then onwards, really. There is a short crack at the top join of one handle but I don't think it is too deep as the "ring" isn't affected and there's no discernible creaking if you put a strain on it. In all other respects it's in excellent condition.
31cm x 12cm x 15cm

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Vintage Pub Ashtray by Wade - Nelson Tipped Cigarettes

Vintage blue ceramic pub ashtray advertising Nelson cigarettes, from what I can gather, a tipped alternative to Senior Service. I don't remember them from my smoking career (approx 1977-2012) so I'm guessing this is a 1960s vintage - the Wade Regicor backstamp dates from the late 1950s - mid '60s. In excellent condition.

21.5cm diameter

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