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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Vintage Ceramic Hand Painted Red Squirrel Figurine

Very sweet hollow ceramic hand painted red squirrel eating an acorn.  It is marked on the base but unfortunately I cannot identify the mark. The figurine is in excellent condition with no hair line cracks, chips or flea bites.
H 10cm x W 7.5cm

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Retro 1960s Vase: Osel - Arthur Wood

Very nice brown vase in a retro 1960s/70s textured pattern. It's marked "Osel" on the base which I believe may have been an Arthur Wood design. There are one or two small and barely noticeable rub marks but otherwise it's in excellent condition.

11cm x 23.5cm

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Novelty Studio Pottery Vase - Robert Fierek, Cornwall

Charming stoneware pot or vase by Rob Fiereck of Gunnislake Cornwall. It's a rustic looking  gentleman sitting on the edge of a pot eating his lunch (a pastie by the look of it) and surrounded by some pestering birds. One of the birds (the back right one) has a wing missing and there is a depression in the base that looks to have been caused by a thumb or something similar but otherwise it's in very good condition and the missing wing isn't that noticeable on display. Due to its delicate nature I would prefer local collection but please bear in mind I am unable to insure this item. I will though package it very securely should you wish it sent and have allowed for copious padding in the postage rate.
23cm x 17cm
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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Vintage Ceramic Sauce Pan/Frying Pan - Shorter and Son - Jackpot - RARE

This was discovered during the renovation of a house, hidden under floorboards. Nobody quite knows how long it was there so dating it has been difficult. I have yet to find an online reference for the Jackpot range either. It's marked "Oven to Tableware" and also "Detergent Proof". t's decorated with two red-rinded cheeses - Edam? - which maybe suggests something to do with cheesy recipes. Maybe someone could put me right. It's in fine condition with only a touch of crazing and a few little dark marks on one side. That it's so clean and virtually unused makes dating it even more complicated. Smashing looking piece though.

21cm x 5cm
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Bartholomew's Quarter Inch Map of Scotland - 1932 Sheet 4 - Glasgow and Oban

Cloth mounted quarter inch motoring map of Scotland covering Glasgow and Oban and some of the Western Isles. It is numbered B 32 on the top left hand margin which dates it to the second half of 1932. Condition is generally good. A few small tears on the margins at the creases, no more than an inch long and the expected pinholes at some of the folds on the sheet corners. There's also a bit of mild foxing on the back of the cloth. Colours are very good - one pen marking - a name - on the reverse.

19cm x 9.5cm folded, 74cm x 54cm unfolded

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Small Vintage Foreign Spice Jar

This is a treacle glazed barrel shaped spice jar, I think. It's marked Senn on the base which could be either the maker's name (likely) or a Nordic/Germanic rendering for mustard. I've also been trying to find out whether it's an old Schwartz jar but have met a dead end. Regardless, it's a nice object and would make a good scent stick jar or spill vase.

9.5cm x 5cm
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Antique 3/4 pint Milk Jug - Lovatt's Langley Mill

Beautiful brown glazed round-bodied 3/4 pint milk jug by Lovatt and Lovatt of Langley Mill. It's dated 1910 and is of museum quality.

18cm x 15cm

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Vintage Large Rough Textured Stoneware Bowl/Planter - Hartrox

This is a large round stoneware bowl or planter, ideal for hyacinths, from the Hartrox range by Hartley's of Castleford. It's the rough textured range and as such can look a little grubby as all Hartrox was made before 1960. However, they do clean up with a bit of work (you should have seen this when I got it!) and are a lot tougher than they look so a stiff brush and some detergent will work wonders. It's otherwise in excellent condition with no chips or cracks that I can see.

This listing is now on Etsy on my "Crocksandpots" shop

24cm x 10cm

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Sherbert the Cat Glass Figurine - Rob Scotton - Portmeirion Studio


Glass cat by Portmeirion Studios from the "Rob Scotton Animal" range. This one is "Sherbert the Cat". It is unboxed but in excellent condition.

10cm x 5cm across base
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Vintage Khaki Coloured Milk Jug - "Agincourt" - Crown Clarence Ironstone

Not much information about this company or trade name and what I have found appears contradictory but  regardless, this is a terrific khaki coloured milk jug with a Celtic style cross on each side by Crown Clarence Ironstone. It's from a range called "Agincourt" and dates, I think from the early 60s. In perfect condition.

11cm x 14cm
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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Pair of Small Brass Owls

Small heavy cast brass owls. Nice little objects; identical, very bright and shiny with flat bases. Great condition.

5.5cm high.

Pair of Ironwood/Lignum Vitae Ducks


Really great pair of quacking and swimming ducks. Or Duck and duckling. They are in an extremely hard and heavy wood, possibly a lignum vitae or ironwood although I'm not sure if it's been stained. The duckling has a knot in and both have one side of the head in a different colour, probably painted. They are in excellent condition and due to the hardness of the wood there are very few marks on them. If you look very closely on the larger one there's an extra hole near where the head is joined, probably an error - it would have meant a very quizzical looking duck! It doesn't at all detract and is barely noticeable - I only spotted it with an illuminated loupe - but it's only fair to mention it.

Larger: 13cm x 6cm x 10cm
Smaller: 10cm x 5.5cm x 8cm

Vintage Cine Camera Top Mount Floodlight IMAC - Boxed & Working

This dates I would imagine from the 1960s, possibly 70s. It's a fully functional top mounted movie floodlight for Super 8 cine cameras (ask your dad). Made in Italy by Imac (that should fetch a few curious techies in), it has a 1000 watt quartz iodine bulb, similar to those found in a security light, mounted in a 16cm wide reflective housing. The seat is adaptable for several makes of camera including a blade connector for Kodak, Yashica etc; single and double screw for Keystone, Argus, Crestline, Minolta, Cinemax, Bell and Howell etc.  It is mains powered and has been fitted with a UK plug. 

I have tested it and it works - it is extremely bright and very hot once running. There is a light cover but unfortunately somebody has left this on and melted a hole in the front. I thought the hole was an original safety feature in the cover until I noticed there were light settings moulded into the top face!

All parts appear to be present and it's in the original box with an English/German instruction sheet. Apart from the hole in the cover and a few marks on the box, it's in excellent condition.  

23cm x 23.5cm x 7cm SP

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Vintage WH Goss Crested Ware Cup - Stratford on Avon

Very nice and very delicate bone china crested coffee cup by WH Goss. It has a square handle and bears the crest of Stratford on Avon. Gosshawk mark to base but no "England" which I think dates it to pre-1931. Some slight wear to the gilded ring but otherwise in excellent condition.

7cm (d) x 5cm
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Monday, 11 November 2013

Welsh Lady - Jenny Jones - Brass Pin Tray

Brass pin tray featuring a lady in Welsh national costume, Jenny Jones, at a spinning wheel. The rim is embossed with a floral design and "Jenny Jones" across the top. Not the greatest of detail but in very good condition nevertheless.

11cm diameter

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Small Blue Glaze Creamer - Prinknash


Small late-model cream jug by Prinknash pottery in their less common blue glaze. It's in excellent condition - What looks like a chip onj the rin is original and has been glazed.

Measurements: 6.5cm (h) x 8.5cm across handle

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Small Brass Spoon with Cat Handle


Small brass spoon, possibly a sugar spoon, with a smiling cat as the handle. A couple of small corroded spots but otherwise in perfectly good condition.

8cm x 3.5cm
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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Davison Newman & Co Branded Milk Jug "Bawstonaba Tea"

Commemorative caramel coloured milk jug with gold coloured handle and rim with the Davison Newman & Co mark (three loaves and crown) from their Boston Tea Parties tea set. In excellent condition although some light crazing.

13cm x 6cm
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Davison Newman & Co Branded Sugar Bowl "Bawstonaba Tea"

Commemorative caramel coloured sugar bowl with gold rim with the Davison Newman & Co mark (three loaves and crown) from their Boston Tea Parties tea set. In excellent condition although some light crazing.

10.5cm x 6cm
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