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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Vintage Ceramic Sauce Pan/Frying Pan - Shorter and Son - Jackpot - RARE

This was discovered during the renovation of a house, hidden under floorboards. Nobody quite knows how long it was there so dating it has been difficult. I have yet to find an online reference for the Jackpot range either. It's marked "Oven to Tableware" and also "Detergent Proof". t's decorated with two red-rinded cheeses - Edam? - which maybe suggests something to do with cheesy recipes. Maybe someone could put me right. It's in fine condition with only a touch of crazing and a few little dark marks on one side. That it's so clean and virtually unused makes dating it even more complicated. Smashing looking piece though.

21cm x 5cm
View here for further information.

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