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Friday, 5 June 2015

Antique Silver Plated 1 Pint Tankard - The Champion Pub, Bayswater Road

An antique, certified 1 pint, tankard in a heavy EPNS that is stamped on the base "The Champion Bayswater Road". On the front, opposite the handle, is an ornate engraved monogram, "TC". The verification mark, E, is for Edward VII (our present monarch would be EIIR) and the Verification Authority number is 2, City of London. Edward VII reigned between 1901 & 1910 so it is safe to suppose that this is well in excess of 100 years old. It is a little dented around the base and the surface is a little corroded and oxidised - the close-up of the verification mark gives a fair representation of the general condition.  Considering its age though it is still very robust and can be easily restored with some buffing and if need be, professionally re-plated. I have given it a cursory polish and it has improved no end from the state it was in when I obtained it. The Champion is still a thriving pub - perhaps you're a regular who would like a special memento of your favourite local.
14cm (h) x 15cm (diameter incl handle)

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