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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Vintage Ebony Ashtray


This has puzzled me! It's obviously an ashtray, with three grooves into a central hole. It appeared to have been turned from a single piece of wood but if you stick your finger in, the inside is bigger than it looks - how did they do that? But after several attempts to unscrew it, something moved - I haven't actually managed to unscrew it but it moved a couple of mm. Sit the base in something cold to contract it (remember if you choose cold water, ebony sinks) and you may be able to unscrew it properly but at least the mystery is solved. There is a hairline crack on the top half, not visible in the photos, but it's no threat to its integrity unless I imagine, you subject it to a great deal of pressure, and it remains a great piece. The base is somewhat scratched, I guess from manufacture, but it is otherwise in excellent condition.

9cm x 4.5cm
View here for further information.

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