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Monday, 24 March 2014

Vintage Brass Esmeralda Crinoline Lady Ashtray - Peerage

Stamped brass ashtray with cast "Esmeralda" crinoline lady handle. Both the ashtray and Esmeralda are registered, no number on the ashtray but  the lady is 734726. She is held in place by a short bolt and as such I think she is interchangeable with other items in the range such as the toasting fork. This is handy as there is a bit of a blemish to the inside of the ashtray that may not be fixable. There is a long pink stain, very slightly rough, over about an inch on the inside (see photos). It's not gone all the way through though which suggests it's a surface blemish. I haven't tried but it's possible it could be buffed or rubbed out using a hobby drill with a suitable bit. Otherwise it's in fairly good condition. Will be dismantled for posting.

10.5cm x 10cm
View here for further information.

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