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Friday, 21 June 2013

Vintage Yellow and Red Cheese/Butter Cloche - SylvaC - 2327


Unusual and fairly rare cheese/butter cloche dating, I think, from the 1940s/50s by SylvaC. Rhubarb and custard coloured with a yellow dish and maroon lid, both decorated with white wavy lines. The dish is marked on the base with the mould number, 2327. In very good condition. There is some crazing to the dish and there's a hairline crack near one corner of around 3cm long although this doesn't appear to be too bad as its discolouration would indicate it's been there for a while without any problems. There is a drip in the glaze near one bottom corner of the cloche and this gives the appearance of being cracked but I think this is an original fault. Condition otherwise is fine, colours are still bright.

20cm x 14cm (w) x 10cm

Weight incl packaging: 1200g UK Bidders only.

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